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5 Tips for Making Your Website Redesign Easier

Under ConstructionThere are many crucial reasons for redesigning your website – it needs to be mobile friendly, it is not ranking in searches, it does not provide a way for tracking visits, or it is just chock-full of outdated information. No matter how compelling the reasons may be, why is it that website redesign ends up on the back burner? Most companies with an underachieving website don’t need to be sold on the idea that a website redesign is necessary, they just need to be motivated to make it a priority.

As a company that helps businesses with website redesign, we often hear from clients that the reason this project gets neglected is because of a lack of time. While we certainly understand why this is a challenge, there is really just too much lost opportunity to justify putting up with a poor website. (more…)

3 Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Help Local Business

Mobile search has become the preferred way people look for things on online. In May of last year, Google confirmed that mobile search queries officially surpassed desktop searches. Responsive design mobile-friendly websites have become essential for being competitive in the online marketplace. Businesses with websites that do not display correctly on a smart device will not even keep a visitor on the site, much less persuade them to become a customer.

mobile website (more…)

7 Ideas to Make Your Home Page Productive

website home page designIn the early days of online marketing, it was not uncommon for the home page to be the only page of a website. Today, most business websites are much more complex, with layers of information. As developers work on adding new pages and deeper levels to a website, it is all too common for the home page to be left as is – just there – without a clearly defined purpose.

Your home page should be your welcome center – guiding visitors and directing them to what they need. (more…)

Meta Descriptions – The Overlooked Content You Need

meta_descriptionIf you have a website and have looked at ways to increase its visibility, you have probably heard about meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are a very important SEO element, but since they are a “behind the scenes” feature, they are often overlooked by webmasters. Adding meta descriptions to your website is a simple improvement that can greatly enhance not only rankings and visibility, but also the likelihood of someone clicking on your site.

Understanding what meta descriptions do for your website will help you write them well. It used to be that search engines were the target audience for meta descriptions, but updates to Google algorithms and search result listings have changed that. Now meta descriptions can appear as part of the text that displays to describe a search result. That means your meta description acts as somewhat of a teaser, enticing a reader to click for more. (more…)

Five Easy Ideas for Quality Website Content

Website ContentOnline marketing is an ongoing challenge. One of the most effective things you can do to improve your website, social media, and email strategies is to create quality content. Fortunately you do not need to be a tech-savvy, search engine optimization expert to develop online content. As a professional in your industry, you are uniquely positioned to develop informative and useful content that will attract the people who will become your customers.

Here are five simple ideas you can develop to create effective content: (more…)

Mobile Search – Google Goes Light for Slow Connections

As mobile search becomes more widely used, Google is giving it more attention. They recently announced an upcoming expansion of the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, and have also begun to tailor search results based on app usage with app indexing.

While advancements in search technology have kept Google in the top position, the search engine’s popularity has largely been due to their focus on optimizing user experience. (more…)

Your Mobile Website is Ready! What Comes Next?

responsivedesignOnce you have your responsive design mobile website online, you may be wondering if your work is done. You can answer that question by considering ways you can enhance your mobile website usability.

  • Are there ways to make the mobile user experience even better?
  • What specific tasks might only mobile users need to complete?
  • Can mobile users complete their goals easily?


Website Design – Are You Driving a Gremlin?

1974_GremlinAs everyone knows, eventually the time comes, and you have to update. My mom knew when those harvest gold appliances had to go. My dad knew when it was time to sell his AMC Gremlin. When something quits working, it is a little easier to update because you are forced to replace it. But sometimes you may know something is not great, but it runs, so you keep driving it anyway. Is that the case with your website design?

For professionals who are pressed for time and not creatively inclined, the prospect of redesigning a website can seem very daunting. If you happen to be in a business situation that requires the consensus of a team, deciding on a new website design may seem next to impossible. It is easy to put updating your website design on the back burner of that harvest gold range, but you really shouldn’t ignore this important way to enhance your online image. (more…)

Responsive Design – Looking Great Wherever You Go

My dad has a Hawaiian shirt that looks really nice on him. He loves to wear this shirt for every outing, whether it’s a cook-out, a ball game or a trip to the zoo, because he knows he looks great in it. As long as the occasion is casual, it’s not a problem. But when Dad wants to sport his Polynesian print at a formal gathering, Mom has to intervene. She explains to him that no matter how great he looked at the neighbors’ BBQ, his favorite shirt simply will not be appropriate for their daughter’s wedding reception.

Unfortunately, with the diverse range of internet devices being used today, your website could have the same problem as my dad. Your current site design may look fantastic on a desktop, but when viewed on a smart phone, it may just look awkward and out of place. (more…)

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