We help you sell more.

Upright Communications offers a suite of digital marketing services to help you achieve your specific business goals. Your business is unique, so we build a customized marketing program that works efficiently and effectively for you. Our experienced team offers individual services designed to meet your targeted needs, and also work in concert to move your business in the direction of growth and profitability. As your outsourced marketing team, we work as an extension of your business. Together, we’ll implement proven strategies that will help you earn more quality leads and get connected with the customers who need your products and services.

Custom Website Design

By including buyers in our website design process, we ensure your website delivers on their expectations and requirements. That’s who it’s for, right? Winning more leads and sales is built-in.

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Search Engine Optimization

Upright will maximize your website’s visibility so it will rank highly in organic (unpaid) search results. Even with the growing popularity of social media, the majority of online traffic is still driven by search engines.

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Video Testimonials

Your customers can be your best salesperson! But you need to know how to encourage them to be advocates for your business. We can show you how to create compelling video testimonials to boost sales.

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Outsourced Marketing

Don’t have time to do it all? Our team is great at working with clients to fill in the gaps, applying our knowledge and experience to strategies to market your specific business. We work as a part of your team, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Lead Generation

In 2021 Upright generated over 102,776 leads for our clients. Everything we do is dedicated to giving our clients a clear and compelling competitive advantage over the competition.

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Website Development

Always up-to-date industry best practices, our team will create a mobile-optimized, Google-ready website that will attract your target customers and increase your profits.

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Buyer Interviews

By talking with both customers and prospects, we uncover the decision making insights that are deal breakers… and deal makers. You get exactly the information you need to deliver an amazing customer experience.

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Digital Marketing

Since 1996 we have created custom digital marketing programs for a diverse group of B2B and B2C small-to-medium size businesses. Your website is the focal point of a digital marketing program and should be your best salesperson, and we prove this every day for our customers.

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Reputation Management

Upright will monitor all online activity and share positive information and alert you in case we need to respond to negative comments. We will also actively seek out positive reviews and promote those online.

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Usability Studies

Have you ever watched a prospect or customer navigate your website? Getting the customer involved is the key to creating a website that works better….for the customer…and creates more business opportunities and sales for you.

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Touchpoint Analysis

Every Interaction is an opportunity to create a positive customer experience. Through our Touchpoint analysis, we help you anticipate and meet your buyers needs in every possible interaction.

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Pay Per Click Management

Pay-per-click advertising is a great fit for many markets, products and services. Upright will create, implement and continually optimize your Google Ads and Bing pay-per-click programs.

Social Media Promotion

For each blog post and campaign, Upright will handle promotion on Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn and other appropriate social media sites to garner attention and drive new visitors to the website.

Email Marketing

By coordinating blog posts, social media and other activities, we will have an excellent basis for communication with a defined email list in an intelligent and nurturing manner.


We’ll provide ongoing strategy consulting and monthly reporting of our progress against our goals so you can feel confident that things are moving forward. We’ll help you analyze your existing results, and strategize for each next step.