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Benefits of Integrating Podcasts into Your Business

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Podcasts have been rising in popularity over the past few years – and for good reason.

Before delving into these reasons, let’s start by defining what a podcast is. A podcast is essentially an audio recording uploaded to a platform for people all over the world to opt into listening. The topics discussed are entirely up to you – like curating social media content.

However, podcasts are generally easier to find when you’ve established a niche market to cater your content to. Keep this in mind when creating your title, podcast cover art, and podcast description.

Each recording is referred to as an episode and depending on the number of episodes you’d like to post, you can create seasons to further organize recordings. Using a digital platform like Anchor, you can upload and post podcast episodes for easy distribution for those with internet connections.

Now that you understand generally what a podcast is, let’s discuss the benefits of this auditory platform for your business.

Flexibility for the Listener

Audio is much easier for people to multitask – listen and do almost anything else. This type of content allows for the listener to absorb information while doing mundane tasks such as driving, chores, grocery shopping, and much more. Podcasts are easy to listen to on the go!

Attract a New Audience

With a podcast aggregator, like Anchor, your podcast will be distributed to other platforms such as Spotify. Spotify is a streaming powerhouse for all things audio, including music and podcasts.

By integrating your content into popular streaming platforms, you can develop a whole new audience when you find your niche. Certain audiences will not think to search for your business through Google, but may instead find it inadvertently through content that they’re interested in learning more about.

For example, Rebecca works as the sole marketer in her role at a local business. She is an avid podcast listener and especially enjoys listening to marketing podcasts in her free time. She finds one that she loves from a marketing agency, with tons of information relevant to her role.

Rebecca’s company expands and is seeking to outsource for marketing help rather than hiring internally. Having enjoyed what she’s learned from the agency’s marketing podcast, she decides to contact the agency for assistance.

This would be an ideal scenario for a well-managed podcast to turn into a future lead.

Builds a Relationship with the Audience

Podcasts are a great outlet to build a relationship with your audience. It is much better, and more receptive, when you’re having a conversation with the audience – not talking at them.

You can have more of a conversation by providing more personal information about yourself (as the host), interjecting with additional information that isn’t in your script, having momentary pauses between thoughts and points, and more.

Another great way would be to have more interview or conversational podcast episodes. Bring on a coworker or a guest and spend 15-30 minutes chatting about the main points of the episode and one another.

Interview/conversation-based podcast episodes are a completely different dynamic that many listeners enjoy. It feels more authentic and provides insight on how it might feel to actually have a conversation with the host of a podcast.

We hope this gave you more insight into why podcasts may be a great option for your business. If you can work your business into the content and appeal to potential listeners, we highly recommend considering integrating podcast content.

Upright is excited to announce our new podcast Getting Down to Digital. Tune in for insights on how to build a better digital marketing program, improve your business’ SEO ranking, drive more leads, and more!

We’d love for you to give it a listen if you have some extra time! Click the image below to view our podcast library.

Getting Down to Digital Podcast

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Search Console offers tools and reports for the following actions:

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Sharing Is Caring: LinkedIn

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Starting with MySpace in 2003, social sharing began with pretty humble beginnings. MySpace basically grew by having their employees find influencers, get their emails and then send them an invite to join this exclusive network. They went from a (more…)

SEO Became Best in a Year of Worsts

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I remember this day like it was yesterday… I’ve had a lot of life changes as of late and I’m really adulting as they say, like I mean really adulting (exhausting!) and I say to my mom in early January…’Mom, this is gonna be the best year of my life…I can feel it’.

Fast forward to March 16th, my birthday, which has been inevitably plagued with sickness, bad moods and ruined days (I’m not even a birthday person) was once again overshadowed. This time by something far bigger than we ever thought possible. I won’t say it because we all know it.

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Think Differently About Your Website Visitors

This week I came across an amazing statistic from Forrester Research…..

“For every $100 spent on driving traffic to websites,
companies spend only $1 trying to persuade those
website visitors to contact them.”

Wow…that’s not right, is it? There really are two parts in developing new business opportunities from your website. Sure, you absolutely have to attract targeted prospects to your site, but often the real challenge is to persuade them to contact you and not your competitors.

“Marketers report average conversion rates
of less than 1%.

That’s less than 1 out of every 100 visitors to your site who actually (more…)

Upright Salutes WPT Nonwovens

Upright is proud to salute our client, WPT Nonwovens, as they step up and take an active role in the fight against COVID-19. The Kentucky manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics is responding to the national emergency need for COVID-19 related medical supplies with the high volume production of surgical masks and N-95 respirator masks. Upon learning of requests from state and local officials for Kentucky manufacturers willing to assist with the production of much needed supplies for managing the COVID-19 crisis, WPT responded with immediate action.

The company has purchased two fully-automated machines, one for producing surgical masks and one for producing N-95 respirators. 5,000 square feet of their Beaver Dam facility has (more…)

Does Small Business Marketing Automation Make Sense for You?

As states roll out plans for reopening business, we are still being advised to maintain as much distancing as possible. That means the way we do small business marketing and communication may not look the same as it did before COVID-19.

For at least the immediate future, your customers and employees are probably going to feel most comfortable maintaining distance. Fortunately, digital and online communication provides us with an avenue for maintaining marketing communication in this new environment.

Computer with spreadsheet open

Digital marketing is a huge space that provides a lot of opportunity, but also a tremendous amount of competition. Without a well crafted plan and strategy for executing that plan, your message (more…)

Upright Customer Spotlight: Valentine Radar Detectors

Upright is proud to spotlight a new client website launch for Valentine Radar Detectors. The newly enhanced and expanded Valentine website still features descriptive information about the V1 Detector product line, but in a new responsive format for a better mobile experience. The launch of the new website coincides with the release of the all new Valentine One Generation Two Radar Detector (V1 Gen2).

Upright Customer Valentine Radar

About Valentine Research, Inc.

Valentine Research, Inc. is a privately-held company that designs, manufactures, and sells electronic devices directly to users. President Mike Valentine has been engineering technically advanced products since the original Escort Radar Warning Receiver in 1976. Highly popular Valentine One Radar Locators and associated products are sold exclusively in (more…)

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