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Lead Scoring: Increasing Efficiency in Your Sales Funnel

Lead scoring is a valuable tool for optimizing the efficiency of digital marketing sales funnels. However fruitful a lead generation program is, the sales team has to devote a limited amount of time and resources toward evaluating those leads. Lead scoring involves systematically evaluating the potential value of prospects, so the team can focus on … Continued

The Five Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Beginners Make

The landscape of digital marketing is wonderfully accessible for businesses both large and small. Unfortunately, many businesses doing marketing on their own end up undermining their success due to common mistakes they aren’t even aware they’re making.  You can optimize the digital marketing opportunities that abound, as well as your potential profitability, by avoiding the … Continued

Attracting Quality Leads with Great Content

Today, business marketers have never had more opportunities for attracting quality leads with their sales content. The age of digital communication provides sellers with many avenues to reach prospects.  Video is one example of a digital marketing tool that has gone from beneficial to essential. According to a 2023 study, today 96% of marketers value … Continued

Upright Welcomes Our New Intern, Stone Antoun

The Upright Communications team is proud to welcome our new intern, Stone Antoun! We asked Stone to answer some questions as an introduction and to help us get acquainted with him: What is your background and educational experience? I’m a Northern Kentuckian, where I’ve lived my entire life. I’m a senior marketing student where I’m … Continued

Boost Your B2B Lead Generation with Our 6-Week Course

The ability to generate high-quality leads from your website is the key to B2B success. Upright Training understands this and has crafted a lead generation training program designed to skyrocket your website leads by 300% or more. A new offshoot of Upright Communications, Upright Training has distilled our experience into a live interactive course designed … Continued

Strategies for Creating an Exciting and Engaging Careers Page

Looking to attract quality people to join your team? You’ll need to stand out from all of the other employers who are trying to draw from the same pool of talent. One of the best resources you have for attracting great employee prospects is your website’s Careers page. If your website is the virtual front … Continued

Competitive Analysis: Seven Ways to Effectively Track Your Competition

You know that running a successful business is not a passive endeavor. You continually evaluate your company’s success markers. Profit margin, material expenses, lead generation, and website conversion rates are indicators you follow closely. In addition to keeping an eye on your own business, are you also watching your competition? If you are not, you … Continued

Upright Welcomes Our Newest Web Developer, Kory Young

Upright Communications is excited to welcome Kory Young, our newest Web Developer to our team. Kory is already making significant contributions, putting his talents and abilities to work for our clients. As an introduction to our newest team member, we asked Kory to share a little bit about himself: What is your educational background? I’m … Continued

9 Steps Toward Making Your Website ADA Compliant

Whether your digital marketing promotes a small, local shop or a large organization, the centerpiece of your program is probably your website. Most businesses invest a great deal of time, effort, and budget in optimizing its performance. Today, one of the most important and overlooked areas of good website design is ADA accessibility. If you … Continued

How will AI Affect the Dominance of Google Search in Digital Marketing?

On August 1, 1981, MTV made its cable television debut and became the go-to platform for music. The first music video the channel aired was a song called, “Video Killed the Radio Star” acknowledging a shift from radio to television, and video becoming essential in the promotion of new music. Just over a decade later, … Continued


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