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Case Study Upright Program

Upright Communications is excited to share another client success story! This report focuses on WPT Nonwovens, a Kentucky-based nonwovens manufacturer.

About the Client

WPT Nonwovens has been an Upright Client since 2015. Located in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, WPT manufactures nonwoven fabrics, including polyester, cotton, rayon, and blended nonwoven fabrics.WPT Logo
Serving global markets in the medical, hygiene, and industrial sectors since 2008, the company provides high quality, affordable products that fit the needs of small order customers and large multinational corporations alike. The original WPT plant was constructed in the early 1970’s. Since then, the company has continued to grow into a thriving business and member of the Beaver Dam community.

Program Goals

In 2018, WPT Nonwovens began a major growth and expansion initiative, which included investment in new capital equipment and the opening of a new production facility. These new developments have greatly enhanced the company’s production capabilities and capacity. The new equipment has also allowed them to expand their market reach with new types of nonwoven material. In addition to the ongoing SEO and keyword optimization, the Upright program goals for 2018 focused largely on promoting the new WPT facility, new job creation, equipment capabilities, and new products.

Upright Strategies


For the WPT Blog, we featured several posts about the new facility, including the initial announcement, progress updates, and the grand opening. We also promoted new equipment purchases on the blog.


In addition to promotions on the WPT blog, we also sent press releases to local news websites and nonwovens industry organizations.



  • New Photo Gallery
  • Added ‘Sign-Up’ to Blog and incorporated MailChimp
  • LinkedIn and Facebook Postings
  • Promotional eBook
  • Promoted ‘Premium’ and ‘Made in America’ initiative
  • Countdown of Plant Opening
  • Google My Business Postings and Optimization
  • Moz Local Updates
  • Improved CTA’s on Website to Gain Better Leads
  • Re-designed Home Page to Align with New Facility, Equipment, and Offerings

Special features such as a badge logo and countdown ticker were used to promote the new facility opening


Several news outlets and industry organizations ran articles on the press releases we distributed announcing the facility opening, new equipment, and the hiring events. In March of 2019, the Global Biodegradable Nonwovens Market Insights, Forecast To 2025 was released, and featured WPT Nonwovens as one of the industry’s top manufacturers of biodegradable nonwovens.

Success by the Numbers

  • 111% increase in total visits when comparing 2017 to 2018
  • 153% increase in organic visits when comparing 2017 to 2018
  • 29% increase in direct visits when comparing 2017 to 2018
  • 28% increase in social visits when comparing 2017 to 2018
  • 169% increase in phone calls when comparing 2017 to 2018
  • 125% increase in email leads when comparing 2017 to 2018

Upright Communications is excited to help growing clients like WPT Nonwovens to establish and expand their market reach through a strategic online presence. We would love to partner with you to optimize your digital marketing impact! Contact us to discuss your goals!

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On March 12th, 2019, Google shocked all of us digital marketers by releasing the latest Google algorithm update: Florida 2. Various SEO and Digital Marketing experts are calling Florida 2 one of the biggest updates Google has made in years. Why is that? Because this is a broad core update. A broad core update is an update that is not targeting a specific niche or region – it’s everyone. Florida 2 will have one of the most widespread impacts on keywords and search rankings to date.


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Google ads on youtube

Thanks to a new change, Google text ads will now be visible in YouTube. This is a major change. Learn what it means for your advertising campaigns and your reach.

What is Changing?

Google has several search partners, where paid ads can be seen. YouTube is the latest of these partners, which means that your Google text ads will now show up in YouTube search results. At present, users will only see Google text ads in mobile search; however, this may roll out across device types at a later date. (more…)

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Air Systems Design

The team at Upright is proud to showcase another new successful client project – the recently updated, expanded, and redesigned Air Systems website. The new Air Systems website features details on the company’s comprehensive line of products, manufacturers, and services.

About Air Systems

“Air Systems is a unique, innovative and ambitious company. Unique in that we are an all-inclusive manufactures representative, product manufacturer and full-service company. Innovative in that we are constantly developing new products and updating existing products to be relevant for today’s industrial process air market. Ambitious in that we take on projects others don’t want and we rarely, if ever, say NO.”


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Google mobile searches

Google is the dominant search engine: that comes as no surprise. Yet new data from Q4 of 2018 shows just how strong is Google’s hold on the search market. Find out what that means for your paid advertising campaigns and organic search.

Q4 2018 Search Statistics

According to Merkle’s Q4 2018 Digital Marketing Report, 96 percent of all mobile search visits in the U.S. originated from Google. In contrast, Yahoo and Bing each delivered 2 percent or mobile searches, with 0.5 percent contributed from DuckDuckGo.

For overall search trends, the data was similar. Bing’s share doubled to 4 percent, Yahoo took 3 percent, and Google claimed 93 percent. (more…)

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influencer marketing

Many have come to know this time period as “The Age of the Influencer”. But millennials and Generation Z’ers are beginning to trust influencers less than they have been in past years. How could this be? Let’s take a look at why influencer marketing is starting to downward spiral.

Consumers Lose Trust in Influencers

Consumers may start off trusting influencers – after all, influencers built their brand following for one reason: authenticity! Majority of their followers follow them because they believe in what they have to say. But influencer marketing ruins this trust by casting an inauthentic light on an otherwise genuine individual. The fact is – most influencers don’t care if the companies they work with align with their personal values or morals – they just see a fat paycheck. So they say yes to all company offers and start getting paid for their work. (more…)

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Trolling Opportunities

Below are all the ways that disgruntled customers, bitter employees, and unethical competitors can cause havoc to your Google My Business listing. Not the most uplifting of topics, but it’s well-worth the read because your business is certainly susceptible to vulnerabilities that Google My Business poses.

Uploading inappropriate photos
Anyone can upload a photo to your Google My Business page, whether it’s with a review or a general upload.

Answering customers’ Google My Business “questions” falsely or incorrectly
Users are able to answer questions about your business, but they can do it in a way that hurts your business. You can’t remove bad questions (or answers). All you can do is flag them.

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millennial generationGeneration Z is set to surpass Millennials in 2019 and make up the single largest population segment, comprising roughly 32% of the population. Together, Generation Z and Millennials make up half of the total media audience. But there are some key demographic differences between the two. The oldest Generation Z is 22, while the oldest Millennial is 38. Gen Z’ers have never lived without social media. They don’t know a world where social media doesn’t exist. Other generations grappled with finding a happy medium between social media and real life, but Gen Z’ers don’t have that problem. To them, social media is real life.

So how should you change your current marketing strategy?

63% of Gen Z prefers to see real people in ads over celebrities. Gen Z’ers want to see individuals that look (more…)

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facebook jobsAre you a small business struggling with filling positions? We have good news for you.

Last year, Facebook launched its own job search feature. Never before did we think it would be possible to find a job on Facebook, the adored social media platform. With over 65 million business pages listed on Facebook, it certainly is worth investigating.

So how does it work anyway?

Good question! Each job listing lasts for 30 days exactly and after each application, the job poster will receive a message in their Facebook inbox. The application will include basic details and the employer can follow-up requesting additional information such as a resume, cover letter, availability for an interview, etc. (more…)