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How to Be a Successful Copywriter

Welcome Upright’s dedicated copywriter, Erin Meyer, to Episode 6 of Getting Down to Digital! Learn more about Erin and her love for copywriting right here. She shares some of her best practical tips to be a successful copywriter in your company. Listen for a good time with Colleen, Hannah, and Erin!


Why Are Reviews So Important?

Getting Down to Digital brings you Episode 5!

Join Colleen and Hannah once again for another episode of Getting Down to Digital. Episode 5 addresses why product and business reviews are so important for many prospective buyers. They also share their top five tips for answering negative reviews. Give it a listen!


Google Offers New Review Management Tool

Online reviews can be a wonderful complement to your business or they can be the bane of your existence if you happen to be the target of a misinformed or vengeful reviewer. Getting fraudulent or inappropriate reviews removed from a Google My Business page can be a complicated process, especially for an overburdened business manager with a lengthy to-do list.

Person looking at their phone on the street

On the consumer side, confidence in online reviews has significantly diminished over the past five years, due to the growing problem of “fake” reviews. In some cases (more…)

5 Tips for Effectively Maintaining and Utilizing Your Website

Getting Down to Digital welcomes a very special guest to Episode 4 – Keely!

Keely is a vital part of our production team, with over ten years of experience working with Upright. She shares her top five tips for creating and maintaining a great website, putting an emphasis on monitoring/tracking for the account manager.

Listen on for a wealth of technical – but simplified – knowledge.


Tips for Managing Your Social Media Presence

Upright Communications invites you to listen to Episode 3 of our podcast Getting Down to Digital!

Colleen and Hannah are back for the next episode which is all about managing your business’ social media presence. They share a number of platforms and practices to ensure your social posts and engagement are effective and on-brand. Listen here now!


How Voice Search is Impacting SEO

Person using their phone for voice search

With the increasing use of mobile devices for online search, the popularity of voice search has grown correspondingly. Additionally, the use of smart speaker technologies such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is driving even more use of voice commands to make search queries. As this trend continues, it will be essential for digital marketers to pay attention to how they should be adapting their content and SEO efforts to compete in this emerging area.


Power of Search for Local Businesses

Upright’s Getting Down to Digital brings you Season 2, Episode 2: Power of Search for Local Businesses!

Optimizing your local listing online is crucial for your search ranking and overall visibility. Join Colleen and Hannah in a discussion about BrightLocal’s 2021 predictions for local search on Google, and how you can use your GMB listing to improve your search visibility.


Upright Communications’ Intentions for 2021

Upright wants to officially welcome you all to 2021 in our Season 2 kickoff episode!

Join Colleen and Hannah for an honest conversation about our intentions/resolutions as a business going into the New Year. Our main topics cover exploring new growth opportunities, digital networking, and being receptive to change. Click the image below to give this episode a listen!


Madam C.J. Walker – 3 Lessons to Learn From An American Entrepreneur

Black history is rich throughout the American story. While there are many important names we’ve often heard, there are some African-Americans whose exceptional and historic accomplishments may not be as well known. Black History Month is a great time to get to know these extraordinary people. In the history of business and marketing, achievements do not get much more impressive than those of Madam C.J. Walker.

When we hear about the giants of business in American, we recognize names like Vanderbuilt,  Rockerfeller, and Carnegie. A name we may not be as well acquainted with is that of Madam C.J. Walker, the first female self-made millionaire in America. This African-American daughter of formerly enslaved sharecroppers was an inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who built an incredibly successful business on her own. In addition to hard work and determination, her desire to share her prosperity with other women evolved into an innovative marketing approach that cemented her success and proved she was clearly ahead of her time. 

The Future Of Local SEO – Bright Local Offers Predictions for 2021

In a recent article, local search expert, Bright Local, provided a review of how well their team did in predicting what would be on the horizon for Local SEO in 2020. Among the things they got right were the roll out of a paid GMB option and an increase in spam in the local search space. As for what is to come in 2021, they had some interesting new projections.