• 4 Quick Social Media Ideas for the 4th of July July 1, 2016
    Before "going off" for the holiday weekend, take a moment to think about your social media activity. As we often say, one of the keys to social media  savvy is regular posting. Here are four super quick ideas for a last minute Fourth of July social media post:
    Erin Meyer
  • 5 Tips for Making Your Website Redesign Easier June 10, 2016
    There are many crucial reasons for redesigning your website - it needs to be mobile friendly, it is not ranking in searches, it does not provide a way for tracking visits, or it is just chock-full of outdated information. No matter how compelling the reasons may be, why is it that website redesign ends up […]
    Erin Meyer
  • Two Resources for Mobile Optimization May 18, 2016
    The significance of mobile friendly search has been an SEO focal point for awhile now, and the importance of this trend seems only to be getting stronger. As we recently reported, 57% of users are accessing search engines using a mobile device, and a quarter of U.S. users report using only their mobile devices for […]
    Erin Meyer
  • Title Tags - Quick SEO & Usability Tips March 21, 2016
    One of the most important, and often neglected, content elements on a web page is the title tag. Title tags are used to define the page, and are often pulled by search engines for use as a description of the page for listings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The title tag is meant […]
    Erin Meyer


  • Don’t Forget About Your Competitors July 25, 2016
    Once every six months our account managers will take a gander and see what competitors are doing with their online marketing efforts. This isn’t to copy them or ‘steal’ their strategies but to be totally aware of what the competition is up to. If you ignore your competition entirely, you may be missing out on […]
  • Social Media Messaging - Think Conversation July 18, 2016
    Crafting a good marketing message is still about what it has always been about - speaking to the needs and desires of your prospective customers. In the early days of advertising, you had a limited number of ways to reach your prospect with that message, all falling into two basic categories - print or broadcast. […]
    Erin Meyer
  • Local Keyword Ranking Reports - What they are and what they’re not. July 12, 2016
    In online marketing, certain reports become a point of fixation for marketers and business owners alike. Keyword Ranking reports are one of those reports that tend to look extremely valuable, but actually tend to leave out a lot information.  If you’re unfamiliar with ranking reports, they are snapshots of how your website is appearing in […]
  • Measuring Site Usability July 4, 2016
    Did you know that site usability is one of the most important facets to a website? In fact, so important that it ‘outranks’ your sites rankings.  Even if your top keywords rank well, if the site doesn’t flow and work for the potential customer, then you have lost their business. There are several crucial things […]
    Colleen Frye

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