Buyer Interviews

Getting customer feedback is like eating healthy. Everyone knows they should do it, but very few do.

People talking to each other over conference call

Understand Exactly What Your Buyers Need To Buy From You

It’s like having an “insider” on the buying team feeding you information on how to sell them. Don’t guess at what your prospects need and want from your website, we’ll ask them for you.

Your buyers may not want tell you what they need to buy from you….but they will tell us.

How We Do It

The buyer interview process is very cost-effective. Interviewing each client remotely helps keep costs low.

We’ll work with you to select and recruit a targeted list of your buyers (4-5) for a 30 minute interview, using a monetary incentive ($75-100) to compensate them for their time.

These buyers & specifiers (engineers, maintenance managers, purchasing managers) can be recruited from your current customer list or we can recruit them from our list.

And we’ll document their buying process, specifically for your products or services. Next we determine if the information on your website helps or makes it harder to buy from you and adjust accordingly.

On average, our clients see a



in leads from the website after we interview their buyers

What You’ll Learn

  • What expectations your buyers have about your product or service
  • What your buyer’s decision criteria is, in order of priority
  • How your buyers qualify or disqualify vendors
  • Why did they choose a competitor over you [hint: it wasn’t price]

After interviewing your buyers, we’ll update the website using their suggestions. On average, our clients see a 42% increase in leads from the site after interviewing their buyers.