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Strategies for a High Converting Shopping Page

Creating an effective shopping page involves multiple things working in concert to generate the most interest, and ultimately conversions to sales. In a post on optimizing product pages for performance, Shopify identifies four key elements of a shopping page: product, brand, copy, and page design/user experience. The article goes on to outline 11 strategies to keep in mind in optimizing these elements for shopping page performance.

Below, we highlight and expand on a few of these suggested strategies, which we feel to be most beneficial. While helpful concepts for all online marketers, application of these strategies will be (more…)

How Onsite Search Boosts Conversions

Approximately one-third of your website visitors will perform a web search, and those who search are twice as likely as non-searchers to convert. Why? There’s not much data on this — onsite search is somewhat neglected — but likely, those who search are intent on finding something ASAP. They are ready buyers or prospective clients who have no time to waste and are actively considering your business.

When it’s easy to search your website, then you will clinch these sales and boost revenue. (more…)

Most Effective Call-to-Action Strategies

Call-to-Action StrategiesAre your call-to-actions working? If you’re not sure, then the answer is no — so try these strategies for effective call to actions to boost your conversions.

Show Users How it Works

You can talk all you want about why your service is killer, but what website visitors really want is to see it in action and decide for themselves. Call-to-actions that actually show users what you do and why it’s so amazing (instead of telling them) are highly effective. Think “See a Demo,” “Show Me” or “Create My Product.” Combine these simple prompts with your unique product or service for a CTA that incites curiosity and keeps customers excited. (more…)

Three Options for Competitive Differentiation

flowersYour buyers are in control, and you know it. When someone can anonymously go online and investigate everything about you, your products and your competitors before deciding whom they will contact, that is control! There’s nothing wrong with that, and it will certainly be that way for the foreseeable future, but in that environment, how do you make yourself stand out?

In reality, there are 3 main ways to differentiate yourself from your competition: (more…)

Digital Transformation: Finding Joy in Continuous Change

digital transformationDigital transformation – the phrase on the tip of every tongue.

It is a term to describe the massive shift in business activities caused by adopting digital technologies. A popular buzzword since 2014, the phrase “digital transformation” itself is confusing. Let us start by clearing misinformation.

Digital transformation is more easily understood as a passive phenomenon. It happens around you every day. As such, the goal of most businesses is not to digitally transform, per se, because that would suggest a single process with a beginning and end. Instead, digital transformation is occurring everywhere constantly, and businesses must make small and continuous changes in order to survive. (more…)

Measuring Site Usability

Did you know that site usability is one of the most important facets to a website? In fact, so important that it ‘outranks’ your sites rankings.  Even if your top keywords rank well, if the site doesn’t flow and work for the potential customer, then you have lost their business. There are several crucial things to consider when discussing site usability, such as browser compatibility (does it work in Chrome AND Internet Explorer?), layout, and overall design. But how do you measure site usability? There are numerous tests that have been developed over the last few years to help us understand how a potential customer interacts with your website. From this data, you can create modifications on your site to increase conversions, decrease bounce rates and provide a more user friendly environment for your visitors!

What software exists?

There are various software options that you can utilize to improve your visitor’s experience on your website. Whether you’re looking to test something specific or need a tool that offers a wide range of utilities, there are options for you and your business. At Upright Communications, we utilize Visual Website Optimizer. The VWO tool offers a wide range of implements including A/B testing, multivariate testing, and heat map software. (more…)

Easily Testing Website Success

One major advantage in creating a website today versus ten years ago is the ability to make major edits and changes easily. Websites live and die by site visits, form fills, and phone calls from the website; but when you want to redesign anything on your website you run the risk of losing the potential customers that you have worked hard to get. A website needs to look good and be effective, but how does someone test these aspects of a website without spending thousands of dollars in case studies and focus groups.

To be effective, your website needs to pull in your potential customers along with making the sale. When most small business owners are told about testing and analytics they are overwhelmed and feel the dollars leaving their pockets. This was a reality 10 years ago, but now the technology is available to test your website through something called A/B testing.

A/B testing (more…)

Adding Video Content – Post or Host?

YouTube_ButtoBy now we all have heard that videos are a great way to add valuable, Google rank-worthy content to a website.  These videos can include customer testimonials, product demonstrations, tutorials, or anything else that will get potential customers interested in your business, products, and services. Once you decide on a few ideas and make some videos, the next decision you need to make is where to put them.

Option 1: Post

There is no doubt that posting your video on a site like YouTube, which has over a billion users, will put it in a place that gets far more traffic than your website. But just because your video is on YouTube doesn’t mean viewers will watch it or even find it amongst the hundreds of hours of videos residing on the site. While making your video entertaining might increase the odds of it being shared, optimizing your video with meta data is more likely to increase the chances of it being found when viewers search for its keyword subject matter. (more…)

Instead of Guessing, Try User Testing

Written by Michael Hostiuck & Erin Meyer

One of the best advantages website marketing has to offer is the flexibility to make changes.  If something isn’t working, you can change tack and try a new strategy. The problem is knowing whether or not your new strategy will work any better than the previous one. User testing solves that problem by giving you feedback on your site, so you don’t have to base decisions on your best guess.  A/B testing is a tool you can use to better understand what works best for your website.

ABtestingTo be effective, your site needs to motivate the desired actions that will give you the best chance of earning a sale. You need to approach your website design the way you would the layout of a brick and mortar store. What is the best placement for new products? Where should the check-out counter be located? User testing lets you answer these types of questions by actually seeing what works best, and A/B testing is your trowel to lay the mortar! (more…)

The Importance of Site Usability

Site usability is a very important facet of web development, perhaps one of the most important. No matter how well your website ranks in the search engines, if using your website is confusing, your visitors will not use your website. There are a number of things to consider when discussing site usability, such as browser compatibility, layout, and design. But how do you know if your website is unusable or not? There are various tests that have been developed over the last few years to help us understand how a visitor interacts with your website. From this data you can create modifications on your site to increase conversions, decrease bounce rate and much more!

What software exists?

There are various software packages that you can utilize to improve your visitors online experience. There are some that specialize in a specific type of test, and others that offer a wide range of utilities. We at Upright Communications utilize Visual Website Optimizer. VWO offers a wide range of tools including A/B testing, multivariate testing, and heat map software. (more…)

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