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Mastering Keyword Strategy to Maximize Sales

Relevant, high quality keywords and keyword strategy have always been at the heart of digital marketing programs. At every point in the marketing process, from lead, to sale, to customer retention, fruitful marketing content is built on effective keyword content to keep prospective buyers interested and engaged.  While keywords have remained a digital marketing constant, … Continued

Lead Scoring: Increasing Efficiency in Your Sales Funnel

Lead scoring is a valuable tool for optimizing the efficiency of digital marketing sales funnels. However fruitful a lead generation program is, the sales team has to devote a limited amount of time and resources toward evaluating those leads. Lead scoring involves systematically evaluating the potential value of prospects, so the team can focus on … Continued

Attracting Quality Leads with Great Content

Today, business marketers have never had more opportunities for attracting quality leads with their sales content. The age of digital communication provides sellers with many avenues to reach prospects.  Video is one example of a digital marketing tool that has gone from beneficial to essential. According to a 2023 study, today 96% of marketers value … Continued


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