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3 Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Help Local Business

Mobile search has become the preferred way people look for things on online. In May of last year, Google confirmed that mobile search queries officially surpassed desktop searches. Responsive design mobile-friendly websites have become essential for being competitive in the online marketplace. Businesses with websites that do not display correctly on a smart device will not even keep a visitor on the site, much less persuade them to become a customer.

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When it comes to local business, importance of mobile friendly website design becomes even greater. While people used to search for products and services in a phone directory before leaving the house, they now know they can find the information they need online. Since everyone has a smart phone, the natural tendency in a fast-paced world is to search for what they need while on the go. Becoming mobile search friendly greatly increases your chance of being found in that search.

Three reasons why mobile-friendly sites help local business:

  1. Search Engine OptimizationGoogle has changed its algorithm to favor websites that have been optimized for mobile access. In order to secure a strong and dominant position above your local competitors in the search results, it is critical that Google identifies your website as mobile-friendly. Your business will be more likely to appear in one of the coveted first page spots with map placement and contact links.
  2. Speed and UsabilityWhen someone looks up your business and wants your product fast, you must let them know you are nearby and have what they need. If your website takes longer to load than the drive time to your location, you will lose that business. In terms of usability, if you do not have a mobile friendly design for your website, you cannot be sure people are viewing it as you intended. The most important parts of your content may be lost because it is poorly placed or too small to read.
  3. Building a Solid Local ReputationLocal shopping is highly influenced by online reputation. Online marketing and social media can create awareness, but the impression made by the website will also affect how people view the company. If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, visitors will be likely to assume that the business isn’t up-to-date, efficient, or professional.

If you aren’t sure if your website is doing the most it can for your local business, contact the Upright team. We have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed!