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Easily Testing Website Success

By Will McKenzie

One major advantage in creating a website today versus ten years ago is the ability to make major edits and changes easily. Websites live and die by site visits, form fills, and phone calls from the website; but when you want to redesign anything on your website you run the risk of losing the potential customers that you have worked hard to get. A website needs to look good and be effective, but how does someone test these aspects of a website without spending thousands of dollars in case studies and focus groups.

To be effective, your website needs to pull in your potential customers along with making the sale. When most small business owners are told about testing and analytics they are overwhelmed and feel the dollars leaving their pockets. This was a reality 10 years ago, but now the technology is available to test your website through something called A/B testing.

A/B testing


A/B or split testing is a method of comparing the performance of two versions of a page on your website to calculate which one is bringing you the most business and causing the most interaction on your website. You can compare factors like call-to-action placement, button color, wording of a sales promotion and a multitude of other elements.

There are plenty of tools available for this type of testing, and one we use here at Upright, is VWO (Visual Website Optimizer). VWO is a powerful A/B user testing tool that simplifies the entire process. There are other user testing software out there also such as Optimizely and HotJar.

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