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Mobilegeddon is Still Here

About a year ago Google released a mobile algorithm that would penalize website if they didn’t have a mobile responsive site.  It’s fitting to have a reminder about the importance of a mobile friendly site, even a year later. Although, most website templates are responsive, it’s still super important to make sure and test before launching a new site.

If your site is not mobile friendly then you’ll miss out on the following:

  • Pages won’t rank high on a mobile search if the site isn’t mobile friendly
    –Make sure the entire site is mobile friendly not just the home page
  • Could result in bad redirects
  • The search results won’t have the ‘mobile friendly’ caption the meta which could result in a low click through rate
  • Risking an increase in bounce rates

You can check if your site is mobile friendly by using this Google Webmasters tool {click here}. Note that when you are using the Mobile-Friendly Test that it tests the page in which the URL is associated with and not the entire site. For example, submission would only test the home page.

If you are worried that you are losing site visits because of a poor mobile design or a poor desktop design then give us a call. Upright Communications specializes in inbound marketing which means your site brings the business to you. The days out outbound marketing are behind you along with 2005.