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As we all get ready to welcome a new year, many of us at Upright are thinking about improvements we would like to make in the new year. In addition to our business and professional goals, we are also considering personal goals to make our lives healthier, more purposeful, and more interesting. Below are some of the New Year’s Resolutions our team members wanted to share.

We all wish you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

colleen_fryeColleen Frye
I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions – I tend to always forget them in a week! In fact, I’m not sure I remember the last time I’ve made one!  However, this year I decided I would make 2 – start drinking/liking red wine and learn how to use a firearm… not in that order of course.  Here’s why! Red wine is good for your heart and betters your cholesterol – not sure if I really know what cholesterol does, but it sounds good.  And with firearms, I’ve always been such a wuss and would like to be more confident if I were ever in a situation. I’m sure I could use a few more helpful resolutions like ‘recycling more’, but maybe that can be next years! Here’s to a safe and happy new year.

eric_fryeEric Frye
My New Year’s Resolution is to drink so much water that I’m always energized, lose the lines under my eyes (which have gotten more prominent since I turned THIRTY last month), and have an excuse to take a bathroom break during any intense meeting.

greg_barlowGreg Barlow
My resolution is to stay away from Colleen when she’s drunk and packing heat!

jenn_johnsonJenn Johnson
My New Year’s Resolutions are to do a headstand / handstand without using a wall, to do five (or more) pull ups in a row and to go paddle boarding… a lot! I am a huge gym goer and I’ve been working on building my upper body strength but have yet to master the headstand / handstand and pull up workouts! My New Year’s Resolution should be to spend less money on fitness clothes so we will just say that will be a vague goal ;). I also want to use our new paddle boards a lot! I got an incredible deal on two paddle boards for Black Friday and want to make it a point to use them as much as possible.

sarah_martisekSarah Martisek
I have decided I can only handle 2 resolutions a year although there are many more I would like to make. Last year I set a goal that I wanted to make it to 3 new cities a year and thus far I have kept to that! This year I would like to improve my French through either classes or any home methods and to learn how to sew! Two very random resolutions but they are both things I have been interested in!

keely_ledeburKeely Ledebur
I would like to commit more time to volunteering in the new year.  In addition to financial support, so many organizations desperately need the time, talents and energy of volunteers in order to do their good works.   Volunteering is an exceptional value to teach my children and something I hope we can participate in together throughout 2015 and the rest of our lives.

jacob_meyerJacob Meyer
My New Year’s resolution is to commit to my growing hobby of woodworking and to build one amazing table & two chairs by the end of the year. A side goal is to keep all my digits in the process.

michael_hostiuckMichael Hostiuck
My New Year’s resolution is to take a step back, relax and enjoy myself and the people around me more.  Especially the house I just moved into, and the upcoming wedding with my lovely fiancé, Theresa.

ErinErin Meyer
As I get older I find I am paying more attention to things going on in the world. Many times topics will come up that I know I must have learned about in school, but I just don’t seem to remember. I now wish I would have focused more on many subjects, instead of just doing what I had to do to get the grades. My resolution is to do more reading on some of these topics and refresh my knowledge. My goal for this year is to better understand the US Constitution and our nation’s founding, as well as world history.

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