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Boost Your B2B Lead Generation with Our 6-Week Course

The ability to generate high-quality leads from your website is the key to B2B success. Upright Training understands this and has crafted a lead generation training program designed to skyrocket your website leads by 300% or more.

A new offshoot of Upright Communications, Upright Training has distilled our experience into a live interactive course designed to transform your business’s lead earning potential.

A Six-Week Journey to Mastery

Starting November 27, 2023, Upright Training’s next 6-week live Zoom training course begins, offering a deep dive into what it takes for B2B manufacturers and rep firms to increase their website leads. Trainings will be ongoing after this date.

This isn’t just another online course; it’s a live, customized experience where you can engage with expert coaches, ask questions in real-time, and connect with fellow learners.

Tailored Training for Real Results

The course is designed to address common pain points that B2B companies face. If your website isn’t generating leads or you’re wondering why competitors outrank you on Google, this training is the key to unlocking those mysteries.

With classes limited to 4-6 students, you’re guaranteed personalized attention, ensuring that every session is as productive as possible.

Beyond the Basics

What sets Upright Training apart is our commitment to deliver you results. The training is built on a proven lead generation framework that has been fine-tuned over decades.

We’re not just teaching theories; we’re sharing the exact process that generated over 100,000 leads for our clients last year alone.

Support That Continues After Class

Upright Training’s dedication to your success doesn’t end with the last session. We offer monthly group sessions for ongoing support as well as tailored opportunities to work together one-on-one, ensuring that your lead generation continues to grow over time.

Invest in Your Growth

The cost of the 6-week class is an investment in your business’s future. At $1,295, you’re not just paying for a course; you’re investing in a proven system that will pay dividends in the form of leads and sales growth.

Take the Leap with Upright Training

If you’re ready to take your B2B company to the next level, Upright Training’s Lead Generation Accelerator Training may be exactly what you need. Get in touch with our coaches and sign up today to start your journey to lead generation excellence.