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Marketing StrategiesTo succeed at internet marketing, you need the right talent, the right technology, and proven processes that get results for your national business. Boost your results instantly just by adopting these four processes for internet marketing.

Understand Your Customers

Your internet marketing efforts must start here, because if you skip this step, you risk sending out messaging that does not resonate with your customer base — wasting your hard work and your marketing budget.

Figure out who buys your products, then set up sample personas that represent your customers as well as a customer journey map that illustrates the path to conversion.

Deliver Excellence

Using your customer journey map as a guide, focus on providing superior service at every step of the journey. For instance, train in-store sales people so they can provide product specifications and recommendations during the in-store research phase. Here a skilled SEO copywriter to get your brand found by customers just beginning to search for solutions.

Excellence not only woos customers, it helps you CYA in an era where unhappy customers take to Twitter and Yelp.

Utilize the Right Marketing Technology

Marketing technology can either help or hinder your efforts. Your national business can either sift through available solutions or outsource this part of the equation to a digital marketing firm.

Use the Best Metrics to Drive Success

Analytics put real time data in your hands. Your national business will gain a competitive edge when you use the best metrics to drive success with marketing. Measure the effectiveness of every campaign and every touch point on the customer journey, then tweak to boost your results (and revenue) higher.

Used successfully, these strategies may improve your marketing ROI by up to 25 percent. To get help implementing marketing strategies, look to Upright Communications.

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