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How to Keep Your Employees Happy, On a Budget!

Have you heard of the phrase, ‘Happy spouse, happy house’? If not, we bet you know what it means… if all people in the household are happy, everything runs smoothly! Well same goes for your company and its employees!  At Upright Communications, we have a ‘Celebration Committee’ where we celebrate all of life’s achievements!  Whether it’s your birthday, you’re getting married or you’re just plain awesome, we celebrate it! When it comes to your employees, we suggest doing the same.  Not only will employees be happier, but people in general enjoy being congratulated on their achievements so let’s make the world a happier place!

valued employees


Below is a list of way that you can give back to your employees:

Recognize major life events, such as their birthdays, work anniversaries & even out of office activities (Keely is in a dance group called the Dancing Divas and she will be participating in this year’s Cincinnati Reds Parade! Help us cheer her on!)

  • Give employees a paid day off on their birthdays (We began implementing this in 2016 and everyone loves it!)
  • Consider bringing delicious snack items to the office every so often! We personally love our doughnuts! (check out our favorite donutsby clicking on each employee)
  • Need positive reviews on your social media channels? Think about rewarding those employees who get those positive reviews with a small dollar amount or some kind of incentive!

Here are ways in which you can tell if your employees aren’t too happy:

  • Decreased positive attitude
  • Calling in ‘sick’ more often
  • Less motivation
  • Lack of cooperation

If you are struggling to motivate your employees or just want to bring more happiness into the work place, consider the ideas highlighted in this blog.  According to multiple studies, happy employees are the secret of a company’s success so try out some of these ideas for the sake of the business!