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The Future Of Local SEO – Bright Local Offers Predictions for 2021

In a recent article, local search expert, Bright Local, provided a review of how well their team did in predicting what would be on the horizon for Local SEO in 2020. Among the things they got right were the roll out of a paid GMB option and an increase in spam in the local search space. As for what is to come in 2021, they had some interesting new projections. 

Local Search


Bright Local breaks their predictions into several categories. Google My Business is the primary focus of the predictions, as it was voted to be the number one local search ranking factor in 2020, and their trend in prominence is expected to continue. 

Here are just a few take-aways from the article that will help you focus on what you can do to make the most of your local search optimization efforts:

More businesses will be exploring and using GMB features. 

Testing and measuring what features work for your business will be more important than ever.

Consumers will expect to learn more about your business through online search.

Make the most of GMB features that showcase information about your business, products, and services.

Google is expected to expand GMB monetization and Local Service Ads.

It will be important to pay attention to developments with these Google local search products to remain competitive. 

Google will increase focus on reviews as a local ranking factor.

Make sure your review game is on point by using the best review management tools and practices. 

Keep link building, but focus on local links.

Links will remain important but links that relate to your local market and audience will provide you with the most clout for local SEO.