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How to Start Off the New Year Right as a Local Business Owner

Happy New Year written on rough paper

The New Year is often regarded as a fresh start – a clean slate. With this new start, it is important to reflect on the past year(s) and make a business plan for the coming year. What was successful for your business? What should not be replicated? These are questions that should be considered at the start. Here are some tips to begin the year off on the right foot:

Revisit goals from the prior year

Look back at goals that had been set during the prior year(s). Were they realistic? How many did your business actually accomplish? Should any goals be set again? These questions will help you set realistic goals for this new year. A lot can be learned from reflecting on your past business successes and failures. However, do not dwell on failures that cannot be resolved/mitigated.

Set new goals

Goals should be attainable and beneficial to your local business. You can take what you learned from the prior year to create goals that are realistic for this year. Additionally, you can consider partnerships or propositions that are to occur in the coming year to set goals.

Consider possible business upgrades

If your business is in need of new signage, fixture or appliance updates, new paint, and/or new furniture, it is a good idea to set funds aside or create a budget for these upgrades. The upkeep of your business is an important investment to make – especially if your business requires customers or employees to go to a physical building.

Update your local listings

Go ahead and make changes to your local listings if you need to update any information for the upcoming year.

Clean your digital and physical workspace

Information that you know that you no longer need, go ahead and dispose of it. For the information that you do need, organize it both digitally and physically. Many of us can work more efficiently with an organized workspace and files.

Outline new content to post about

Creating content for your local business is an effective way to market it. If you have the time, and creativity, to create an outline for the next few months (or even the year), you should do it. This content could include upcoming promotions, social media schedules, or blog topics.

Touch base with your business contacts/partners

Wish your contacts/partners a ‘Happy New Year’. If appropriate,you may even want to personally set up a meeting time to discuss your relationship for the coming year.

Be optimistic

There’s nothing like working in a positive environment. Try and remain optimistic this coming year – anything could happen if you work hard enough for it.

This may seem like a lot to do in just the first few weeks of the year. That being said, there are businesses you can outsource certain tasks to – such as web design and content creation. Upright Communications would be more than happy to take on both of these tasks for you.