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2017 Google Maps Sorting Feature

Just another reason for us to realize how important Google+ reviews really are. In mid-December, Google added a sorting feature to Google Maps that allows the user to sort by review rating – 2-star, 3-star and 4-star (as shown below).

screenshot of google maps sorting feature

We’re assuming that most users would want to find a 4-star or better ranked business. At least I would! However, Jenn at Upright Communications brought up a good point and mentioned how she would want to sort by negative reviews to see who NOT to contact and categorizes businesses that way. Either way, this tells us how crucial it is for businesses to get reviews and positive ones for that matter.

Some ways to get reviews on Google+ for your business – This will be for each and every day your business is open… quantity and quality will matter! You may sound like a broken record at times, but at least you’ll be a profitable broken record!

  • Ask your loyal customers to write you a positive review
  • Ask each and every customer (that left happy) to write you a review on Google+
  • Ask your employees to encourage their loyal customers to write your business a review
  • Send personal emails out to your favorite customers asking them to write you a review on Google+
  • Offer incentives to your employees for each review they get from happy customers (trust us, they’ll be way more apt to try)
  • Put up signage in your store saying ‘Write us a Review on Google’
  • On your invoices, ask happy customers to write you a review on Google+
  • We even have one client who has a business card just for their Google+ page and they give it to happy customers – we can help you design it
  • Ask for positive reviews via social media
  • Ask for reviews via email marketing campaigns

Need our help in gaining reviews? Contact Upright Communications! We have an excellent track record in getting our clients reviews and positive ones. In fact, we have a client that we have helped gained over 1,000 Google+ reviews in the last 3 years – changing their star-average from 3.5 to 4.3!