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Could a Virtual Trade Show Concept Work for Your Business in 2020?

Trade shows have traditionally provided businesses in a broad range of industries with the opportunity to reach many pre-qualified potential buyers and connect with them, one on one. While highly effective for prospecting, trade show participation is also costly for businesses, considering employee travel costs, development of exhibits, and a host of other related expenses. The virtual trade show concept has removed that financial barrier, making the benefits of trade show participation available to a wider range of exhibitors and attendees.

Virtual Trade Shows

While the virtual trade show concept is not new, it has recently received more attention, as businesses are rethinking marketing in response to the COVID-19 restrictions. In addition to being more budget-friendly, virtual events allow for remote participation, which complies with individual state social distancing guidelines. Many businesses who were scheduled to exhibit in traditional industry shows were able to obtain attendee lists to create a prospect list for their own virtual events.

How Do They Work?

A virtual trade show typically includes a virtual exhibition hall that attendees enter with pre-determined permissions and capabilities. Exhibitors create virtual booths to exhibit information related to their products or services. Attendees view and interact with these virtual show displays within the exhibition hall interface. 

Like traditional trade shows, virtual shows may have other components such as breakout conferences, webinars, and other educational presentations. These virtual events offer the opportunity for live interaction between users on multiple levels. Tracking allows trade show organizers to determine the flow of traffic and other analytical data. 

Virtual Trade Show Features

  • Promotion and Engagement Tools
  • Custom Designed and Branded Exhibits
  • 3D Graphic Designs
  • Live Attendee/Exhibitor Chat Tools
  • Live Events like Webinars 
  • E-Commerce Features
  • Integrated Sales and Lead Tracking Tools

How Do I Create a Virtual Event?

Fortunately, virtual trade shows are much easier and less costly to develop than their traditional counterparts. Creating your customized virtual trade show experience begins with finding the right tools to develop it. Upright Communications is experienced in developing digital programs to drive leads that convert to sales. Let our team assist you in creating a profitable virtual trade show experience. Contact us today!