Rethinking Your Marketing During the COVID-19 Crisis

While the health and safety of our population is the foremost priority, economic concerns are not far behind. Business must go on, but behaviors and attitudes will necessarily change.

What role does marketing play in this landscape?

While it might not be something you are thinking of now, it makes sense to pay attention to your marketing efforts, even at this time. Like you, your clients and customers are looking for signs of reassurance when there is much uncertainty.

Ongoing communication is essential, but the message has to be right.

  • Check in With Your Customers – Let your customers know you are still in business and find out how they are doing. Remember, people are looking for guidance and reassurance, not a sales pitch. Also, keep in mind that it is okay to not have all of the answers.
  • Be Selective With Email Communication – Keep your customers informed and up-to-date on your business operations, but be careful not to inundate their email boxes. Remember, everyone is being bombarded on this right now. Your messages should be brief and to the point, and try to use something more descriptive than “Covid 19 Update” as your subject line.

Identify what will resonate with customers in this environment.

  • Cutting Costs and Improving Efficiency – Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is more important than ever with new restrictions on cash flow and labor. Explore ways to help your customers save money and ramp up efficiency during the crunch.
  • Adapt to Meet Customer Needs – Look for ways to make things easier for your customers. Consider the way the restaurant industry has transitioned to curbside service, or car dealerships are offering online purchase and home delivery options for new vehicles.
  • Offer Ways to Help Businesses Adjust – Everyone is looking for ideas that can help them adjust to this new work environment. Share links if you have helpful productivity apps or work at home resources that have worked for you.

Look for new opportunities in the midst of the challenges.

  • Engage With Your Customers – Have conversations with your customers to uncover what their most compelling challenges are and how you can help them right now.
  • Increase Your Value as a Vendor – Think about related services you could provide that might enhance the value you offer to your customers.
  • Segment Your Customers – Grouping your customers will encourage you to customize ways to take advantage of opportunities that exist for more business. Also consider which customers are your most profitable and focus on them.
  • Expand Your Tool Set – Start using communication tools like GoToMeeting,, or Skype to have virtual meetings. Upright has extensive experience with remote meetings and would be happy to assist you in getting started.

At some point the economy will recover and you need to be prepared.

Staying in place or shutting down during this crisis is simply not a good strategy for any business. Eventually the restrictions will be lifted, and the economy will resume. When it does, you want to be the first name that comes to the minds of your customers as a business or supplier they can depend on and trust.