How Onsite Search Boosts Conversions

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Approximately one-third of your website visitors will perform a web search, and those who search are twice as likely as non-searchers to convert. Why? There’s not much data on this — onsite search is somewhat neglected — but likely, those who search are intent on finding something ASAP. They are ready buyers or prospective clients… Read more »

Learn Where You Stand!

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Local search visibility grows increasingly important as “near me” searches on Google continue to rise. Your potential customers may be looking for you at home or work on their desktop computers, or they may be using their cell phone or tablet while they’re on the go! In fact, Google confirmed earlier this year that mobile searches have… Read more »

Create a Google Plus Page for your Business

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You’re a busy businessperson. You don’t have time to read commentary and speculation on the future of Google+ (or you can read our blog ;-)). You just want to know how to create a solid Google+ Page for your business. Because it gives your business vital local visibility. And you’re smart like that. Let’s proceed with these… Read more »

Funding for New Social Media Ideas – So 2011?

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According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the social media bubble is bursting.  From Wall Street trading to closed-doors corporate funding, investors have begun turning a cold shoulder to the inventors of tomorrow’s social sharing networks. In fact, corporate investment in social media (in networks such as Facebook and Pinterest, the funding of apps, etc.), has steadily declined… Read more »

Shifting Trends: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile-Optimized Websites

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Dr. Jakob Nielsen, often called the “father of Web usability,” remains a thought leader today as he continues to research emerging trends. Today we focus on Nielsen’s new findings on mobile usage — do people prefer using mobile apps, or visiting websites from their smartphones? This report asserts that as of early 2012, the experience… Read more »

How Does My Website Look On Different Computers & Mobile Devices?

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We receive this question all the time.  Often it starts with the line, “I checked the website from home and ______ was different…” Good web designers and developers do a considerable amount of testing before launching a new website — using tools to simulate the view of the website on different computers (various resolutions), different… Read more »

Verify Your Business in Google Places & Bing Local Business Center

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Every business– from local start-ups to international corporations– benefits when they claim their location profiles in the Top 3 search engines’ local listing centers. The Top 3 local listing centers are: Google Places (formerly Google Maps) Bing Business Portal (formerly Bing Local) Yahoo! Local Listing Center The larger your business and the longer it’s been… Read more »

What % Click Search Results in Positions 1-10?

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The stat was ingrained in my mind.  That 89% of search engine users clicked a result on Page 1. But a new study, published recently by Slingshot SEO, debunks that old statistic.  Reported today by thought-leader Search Engine Watch, the number of people who click on results from Page 1 of search results is now… Read more »

Google Business Profiles to Become Un-Free?

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Eyebrows are raised. The sheer timing of recent changes to Google Places (reported here) and the introduction of Google+ (reported here) is suspect.  Google strips a considerable amount of information from Places profiles in the same month as they release Google+, which enables rich social interactions for users.  A coincidence? Local Search experts are reading… Read more »