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Upright Customer Spotlight: Valentine Radar Detectors

By Erin Meyer

Upright is proud to spotlight a new client website launch for Valentine Radar Detectors. The newly enhanced and expanded Valentine website still features descriptive information about the V1 Detector product line, but in a new responsive format for a better mobile experience. The launch of the new website coincides with the release of the all new Valentine One Generation Two Radar Detector (V1 Gen2).

Upright Customer Valentine Radar

About Valentine Research, Inc.

Valentine Research, Inc. is a privately-held company that designs, manufactures, and sells electronic devices directly to users. President Mike Valentine has been engineering technically advanced products since the original Escort Radar Warning Receiver in 1976. Highly popular Valentine One Radar Locators and associated products are sold exclusively in the Valentine Store online.

About The Website

The new Valentine website has been designed for easy navigation and to provide in depth information on Valentine’s innovative radar detection technology. V1 Detector product information includes:

  • NEW V1 Gen2 Radar Detector Specs
  • V1 Radar Detector Apps
  • SAVVY Module
  • Concealed Display
  • Installation Information
  • Interactive Upgrades Form
  • Parts Specs and Drawings
  • Programming Details
  • Service and Support

Another feature of the new website is the easy-to-navigate V1 Info section. A wealth of information is contained in six helpful sections:

  • Tech Reports
  • Asked & Answered
  • About Radar Detectors
  • About Laser Detectors
  • About Photo Radar
  • About Pop Radar

The popular V1 Moments feature of Valentine’s previous website remains on the new website. This section includes firsthand accounts and testimonials of the outstanding performance of V1 radar detector technology. Also included in the V1 Moments section will be information and updates on radar detector related topics.  

Upright Communications is proud to work with businesses like Valentine Research, to assist them in successfully leveraging the power of digital marketing strategies.


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