Can Facebook Posts Boost SEO?

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Social Media Marketing.

Yes, Facebook posts can boost SEO! This is groundbreaking and super exciting news for SEO managers everywhere. For the longest time the only social media platforms that offered a handful of ranking leverage were YouTube and Google +. Both YouTube and Google + are owned by Google, so it makes a bit more sense that… Read more »

Responding to Negative Reviews

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing.

It’s very common for business owners to notice a negative review and not know how to respond or handle it. In fact, many business owners opt out of displaying or asking for reviews because they don’t know how to respond to negative reviews. We are here to tell you to not fear the negative review!… Read more »

3 Tips for Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign!

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Digital Marketing.

E-mail marketing has been on the rise these past few years and recently it’s been all the craze. Sending electronic newsletters to customers is a great way to build a relationship and promote a product. You may be scratching your head wondering where to begin with your e-mail marketing campaign. No need to fret any… Read more »

Call-To-Action Button Added to Facebook!

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Facebook, Social Media Marketing.

You may have heard whispers of Facebook adding a call-to-action button to business pages, and we’re happy to say it’s true! The feature is awesome and we are wondering why it didn’t arrive sooner! You can add the feature by clicking on the business page that you manage, and you should soon see the alert. If you don’t… Read more »

Make the Most of Local Listings

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Local Search Focus.

Local listings are one of the most important elements of online marketing. In fact, having a consistent message on local listings is just as important has having a user friendly website. Your website and listings work in unison. There are a things to avoid when working on local listings and a few things you should always… Read more »

Anchor Text on Your Site

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

Anchor text links have been known to have a lot of ‘search engine ranking’ juice.  It is one of the search engine optimization tools that has been around for the past ten years or so and continues to have ranking leverage. An anchor can be spotted easily in content because it is usually underlined in… Read more »

Is Case Sensitivity Causing your Duplicate Content?

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

Written by Jenn Johnson & Keely Ledebur Would you believe just tapping that shift key to create a capital letter in your URL could be the culprit to your duplicate content issues? If Google can find your web page using multiple versions of your URL, then you risk Google indexing all the variations (such as… Read more »

Tracking URL or Not?

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Tracking URLs allow you to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by enabling you to track click activity. Services like Google Shortener, let you paste in the long URL string and provide you with a short, ‘trackable’ URL. You now have a shortened link that’s more appealing to the eye and also helps you… Read more »