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Upright Communications Cincinnati Office (1996 - 2020)
The Upright Communications team has called Cincinnati, Ohio our home since our founding in 1996. For over two decades, our team worked together in an office on the third floor of a historic building located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

Although we no longer have a team office in Cincinnati, several of our team members still live and work in Cincinnati. We also have many Cincinnati-based clients, so we remain focused on Cincinnati local marketing strategies.

As a company, we still consider the Queen City our home, and for many of us individually, our roots here run deep. We look forward to our future growth as a virtual digital marketing agency. Even as our national and global business expands, we remain passionate about local business markets in Cincinnati and everywhere we serve local small businesses.

Upright’s favorite things about Cincinnati…

Skyline Chili

There are so many things I love about Cincinnati, but something really special that is unique to this area is Skyline Chili. It is a family favorite for us. Whenever our grandkids stay with us for a few days, a trip to Skyline is alway on the agenda!

– Erin Meyer

Taste of Cincinnati

As a lover of food, I really enjoyed my time at Taste of Cincinnati two years ago. This is an annual food festival in Downtown Cincinnati where local restaurants will set up food trucks or a space to serve their tasty menu offerings. I especially enjoyed the street tacos I got that year!

– Hannah Roberts

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Famously the home of Fiona the Hippo, the Cincinnati Zoo has been a lifelong fixture in my experience of the city. I remember childhood summers spent on the train that passes daringly over the Serengeti enclosure. Notably, the zoo is a leader in conservation efforts to protect wildlife habitats worldwide. To share a trip to the zoo with my toddler son was a day I’ll never forget!

– Eric Frye

Cincinnati Union Terminal, The Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater

To me, there was no better field trip at school than Cincinnati Union Terminal. First off, any excuse to not be sitting in a classroom was fabulous, but I totally loved the experience we would get when we visited Union Terminal’s OMNIMAX theater. If you haven’t been, you basically are in this massive, full width theatre (aka a ‘5-story domed screen with surround sound’) and you’re seeing the most epic showings of gorgeous videography – such as natural parks, the surface of the planets, and the depths of the ocean. The colors and vividness made it seem like you were there in the flesh, running with cougars, voyaging on Mars or swimming with Humpback Whales. The minute the movie started, you were immersed! I’d highly recommend it and miss it so! (I do not miss school ;-))

– Colleen Frye

Bogart’s Music Hall

Bogart’s has hosted many, many concerts. It was built in 1890 for vaudeville theatre according to county records, then during the mid 1950s it switched to a German film theatre. Under new management, the building was renamed Bogart’s and underwent extensive remodeling in 1980 becoming a venue for live musical performances. The history in this building is astounding, and having been to so many performances at Bogarts, it’s hard NOT to think about it when I think about my hometown of Cincinnati.

– Kyle Meineke

Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade

A tradition over 100 years old, the Findlay Market Parade celebrates the Cincinnati Reds opening day. Considered a holiday by fans in Cincinnati, the atmosphere crackles with excitement as thousands line the streets of Cincinnati before the first pitch. What a thrill to have been able to take part in this over-the-top event with The Dancing Divas, Inc.!

– Keely Ledebur

Holtman’s Donuts, Downtown

Friday’s in the Upright office always featured Holtman’s Donuts from their OTR location. Their most amazing donut is the French Cruller…and you can’t go wrong with the cream-filled Long John either. Always a treat…and highly recommended!

– Greg Frye