Developing a national strategy doesn’t need to be painful

Ever been to the doctor? Think of developing an online strategy for your business as the same process a doctor might go through. If you visit your doctor with an ailment (read: not generating enough business opportunities through your website!), he or she will run you through a three-step process to determine the right course of action:

Developing a strategy

Step 1. Exam

Here, you must understand all of the elements relating to your competitive environment, your goals for the future and what success really looks like. What increase in revenue do you require, and what will that allow you to accomplish both professionally and personally?

Step 2. Diagnosis

In this phase you have to define what the two or three most critical customer profiles, or personas, will be. You must find out what truly makes you remarkable in the marketplace and how to match the things that you do well with the things that your perfect customers really need.

Step 3. Treatment

Finally, you come to the strategy development part of the process. You understand the problem and you know what success looks like – now you just need to establish your goals and employ the tactics that will get you there. Like a physician, you have a lot of tools to work with:

Website Development

build the perfect site to communicate with your top prospects

Search Engine Optimization

make sure you are visible where buyers are searching

Content Strategy

site content, E-books, blog posts and emails – all critical tools

Social Media

coordinate your content with a comprehensive social strategy

Inbound Marketing

nurture your prospects with relevant communication

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Your goal as a company should be to make it possible for your prospects to solve their problems by choosing your solutions – online, on their own terms. If you focus on that fact during your strategic planning process, you can create a successful online revenue generating machine.

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