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Digital Touchpoints – What Are They?

Digital TouchpointsA “touchpoint” can be defined as any interaction that your company has with your prospects or customers.  These touchpoints taken collectively define the Customer Experience.  The better that experience is, the more likely it is that you’ll retain the customer or sell the prospect.

At Upright, we work with clients on digital marketing initiatives and often focus on Digital Touchpoints.  And to improve the Customer Experience, we have developed a 5-step process to analyze our client’s digital touchpoints:

  • Identify and evaluate each touchpoint interaction
  • Determine if there is room for improvement and establish best practices
  • Implement the suggested improvements
  • Measure the impact of those improvements
  • Declare success or go to Plan B for improvement

So let’s start by identifying a few digital touchpoints:

Search Results Page – buyers find you by seeing your listing on a search results page.  That’s often the first touchpoint they have with your company.  Does your listing talk about your features and benefits….

search result listing

or does it just show your site navigation?

search result

TAKEAWAY! You can start evaluating these digital touchpoints by looking at your search result listings for your target keywords and review the descriptive text.  If you need to make changes, edit your meta description for the page.

Website Landing Page – when visitors click over to your site, does the first page they see encourage them to investigate the site further or do they “bounce” off to another site?

screenshot google analytics

TAKEAWAY!  If you find a landing page that gets a lot of visitors but also has a high “Bounce Rate”, take a closer look at the page to see what could be improved. Is the messaging confusing? Does it not describe what they were looking for? Can they not figure out where to go next? Make changes to the page and measure the improvement.

These are just two of many touchpoints, or interactions you have online with your prospects and customers.  In future posts we’ll talk about key offline touchpoints too.