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responsivedesignOnce you have your responsive design mobile website online, you may be wondering if your work is done. You can answer that question by considering ways you can enhance your mobile website usability.

  • Are there ways to make the mobile user experience even better?
  • What specific tasks might only mobile users need to complete?
  • Can mobile users complete their goals easily?

In some cases, simply re-organizing the layout of the page to accommodate varying screen sizes  isn’t enough.  You may need to see if the navigation is still intuitive in the mobile layout. Decide if the CTA (call to action) elements could be placed more effectively. Assess how easily mobile users will be able to find contact information. Responsive design gives developers the option to hide or display content based on screen size, which makes mobile optimization easy. A few simple changes could really improve the mobile website experience and boost your conversions.

Mobile Website Design Best Practices

In order to establish a standard for mobile site design best practices, Google  and AnswerLab conducted research to examine how users interacted with a variety of mobile websites. The results of the study revealed five main sections or areas to consider:

  1. Home Page & Site Navigation
  2. Site Search
  3. Commerce & Conversions
  4. Form Entry
  5. Usability & Form Factor

Within these sections, several mobile site design principles were identified, including keeping CTAs out front, keeping menus short, and making it easy to return to the home page.

The common thread they observed throughout all the sections is that mobile users tend to be very goal-oriented.  They expect to be able to get what they need from a mobile site easily, immediately, and on their own terms. Developers can ensure success by designing with their context and needs in mind without sacrificing richness of content. Learn more by reading the full Google study.

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Recommended resources:

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test – great for an overview evaluation of how mobile friendly your website is

Responsinator – an interactive tool we use to see multiple screen sizes

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