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Upright Communications Welcomes Kyle Meineke to Our Team

Kyle Meineke Portrait on a white background

Upright Communications is pleased to announce the full time addition of Kyle Meineke to our team of website development specialists. Kyle began working with us as an intern at the beginning of 2019. His talent, excellent work, and team mentality have made him a great fit for our team. Kyle will be playing an important role in continuing our ability to offer Upright clients the very best and most up-to-date online technologies to help them achieve their marketing goals.

About Kyle:

What is your favorite part of working on website development?

Building websites allows me to first use my creativity and work with the customer to visually get it where we want to be. Once the styling is finished, going back and improving my work to make it more proficient and user-friendly is a great feeling. Confirming you’ve done something to your best ability is an extremely rewarding process!

What are your areas of expertise and what do you look forward to getting more involved in?

My schooling focused on the design of websites, so HTML and CSS have been my area of expertise since I’ve started and finished school, but have expanded into other areas upon my employment at Upright Communications. I have started working with PHP, and jQuery and am personally trying to expand into learning JavaScript and other JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Vue, and React. I also want to dive deeper into understanding PHP because of how relevant it is with WordPress Development. There is no end to the amount of knowledge and tools available, but I am very excited about JavaScript, and the frameworks that come with it, as well as diving more into PHP. These are all great starting places to learn more about web development!

What are your favorite things to do in your off time?

I try and spend my free time improving myself, whether that be going to the gym, learning more about web development, or even just being around friends. I have a huge passion for music, so I will often listen to music, or go to concerts. I also play drums and guitar, and spend a lot of time playing both instruments. And of course, I wouldn’t be a true developer if I didn’t play the occasional video game!

If you were able to obtain any skill that took at least 10 years to master, what would that skill be?

I think it’s reasonable to think that in 10 years someone could master 10 different languages by engaging in that culture, and I’ve always wanted to learn a new language, but found it difficult. Being able to connect with new people this way would be an extremely positive and exciting experience.