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The first Cut&Paste digital design competitionwas held in New York City in 2005. It has grown massively since. Today, preliminary rounds are held in each of 12 cities worldwide — with winners competing in the Global Championship in NYC each year.

This past Saturday, I was in attendance for the Los Angeles qualifying round of this now-famous design competition. Held in a small warehouse downtown, graphic designers and 3D animators hunched over their computers as we watched 3 speedy rounds of live graphic designing.

There were 3 teams of designers competing for just 1 spot in the championships. All 3 teams were well-spoken about their visions and calm under pressure.

Friends of Upright, Claudia and Danny joined me for the DJ set, great drinks and fun of watching graphic creations come together.

We were surprised by several twists and turns as the designs developed. With its combination of 3D animation and 2D drawings, the designers’ creative process reminded me (naively) of a special I saw on TV on the making of the Toy Story films.

Visit the winners’ circle page from the 2012 Los Angeles Cut&Paste design competition.

Is the winner’s design your favorite?