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Marketing StrategiesWe get excited when anyone asks how us how we can help improve their overall digital marketing strategy! Regardless of whether you’re a small, medium or large-sized local business, digital marketing can help you gain more business and maximize your sales.

For a local business doing most if not all their marketing, online, it’s important to embrace a quality digital marketing strategy that is seen by all of their potential customers online. When it comes to digital marketing, we believe there are five main areas of focus for local businesses.

Search Engine Marketing

This is absolutely crucial when it comes to your online business. If your website isn’t optimized and you’re not getting found, then how can you expect to get more business through your website? We all know that the internet plays a HUGE role in finding potential businesses to work with online and it’s important that you’re competing with folks small and large.

Local Search Marketing

With local search marketing, this is especially important for local businesses. Your website can be optimized to the best of its abilities, but you also must optimize your website locally so that it will be found for the city/state in which you are located. Whether it is citations, location landing pages, or a fully optimized Google My Business listing, it needs to be done correctly. We’re here to help with that.

Content Marketing

So you’ve gotten found online, but how are folks able to see what products and services you offer? This is where quality content marketing comes into play. Everyone is trying to sell something online, but those that can inform are more likely to get sales. People will attribute a certain level of expertise to a company, and this instills confidence in the consumer. In the past, it was all about printed brochures and mailers, but today it’s all about quality, informative content by way of product pages and even a company blog.

Email Marketing

Just about everyone has an email address these days. This is essentially about keeping up with your customers and prospective customers. Whether you want to send your customers the latest rebate or promotion, or you’re just giving them tips on how best to clean their gutters this fall, email marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with your customer base.

Social Media Marketing

One piece of advice everyone seems to agree on is this: ‘If you can’t keep up with your social media comments, responses and feedback, then you shouldn’t have it’. This is especially true for local businesses. Social media is an easy way for folks to get a hold of a local business and it’s important that you do your best to not only engage with clever material, but it’s also important that you’re interacting with your customers and potential customers. The most important aspect of social media is to use it to strengthen your customer base to achieve repeat sales.

When it comes to how you market your business online, Upright Communications can help you do just that. Trust in us to create the best digital marketing strategy for your business. Now is the best time to formulate a plan and combine it with your other marketing efforts and initiatives.