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A new survey reveals some interesting findings about small business mobile app trends. According to 2017 survey done by Clutch, the development of mobile apps has become a bigger priority for small businesses. This is not surprising considering that smart phones are now the primary source of information and communication for an ever-broadening range of people.

355 US small business owners and managers were surveyed to explore the extent of mobile app usage in this demographic. The study results revealed a trend toward small business mobile app development, and indicated that mobile apps will be commonly used as business tools and assets in the near future.

Key Findings from the Study:

  • 42% of small businesses have developed a mobile app
  • By the end of 2017, that number is expected to reach 67%
  • 49% of small businesses dedicate in-house resources to mobile app development

Why are small businesses creating mobile apps?

The study reveals that the main motivation for developing small business mobile apps is business improvement through two main avenues: increased sales and better customer service.

Small Business Mobile App Trends


Growing numbers of small businesses using mobile apps was also cited as a motiving factor for many small business operators and managers. What does the small business app trend mean for me?

According to Statista, nearly 150 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2016. By 2021, this figure is projected to grow to over 350 billion. This could mean tremendous amount of opportunity in terms of increased sales and improved customer service for your business.

As new sales and marketing tools like small business mobile apps emerge and become popular, it is important to remember the underlying concept that does not change. A successful marketer needs to go where the customers are. Are your customers using mobile apps to find and purchase the goods or services that you sell? If so, than a small business mobile app may be what you need to be competitive.

An article on this subject in Forbes suggests considering these questions when deciding whether or not to develop a mobile app:

1. Is the cost and complexity of creating and managing a custom app worth the specific benefits it will provide?

2. Would an app provide a unique experience, or would it simply duplicate the functionality of a website?

3. Would enhancing your website be enough to provide the best mobile web experience?

Need assistance in deciding whether or not a mobile app would benefit your business? Contact the team at Upright Communications to discuss your business goals.

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