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Twitter and LinkedIn have teamed up.  A new LinkedIn feature enables a tweet from your Twitter profile to also appear as your LinkedIn status message automatically. Upright blogger & SEO Director Allison Kulage first mentioned this new feature in her webinar last week.  Now, we can share online articles with business contacts or take Twitter followers to the next step in professional relationship.

Note: You can also send LinkedIn status messages via Twitter (this is actually a two-way sync!).  Click the image below for more information.

Many LinkedIn users are receiving an email directing them to “Add Twitter” to their LinkedIn profile.  If you have received this email, feel free to follow its link. –OR— Follow these simple steps to post all (or specified) tweets as LinkedIn status messages:

Twitter #in

1) Log into LinkedIn with username and password.
2) From your home view, select “Account & Settings” at the very top right corner of your screen.
3) Under the Settings heading (on the left side of the “Account & Settings” page) you’ll find “Twitter Settings.”  Click it.
4) Choose to “Add your Twitter account,” select to “Allow” Twitter access as a LinkedIn application, then decide your own visibility/sharing settings.  I prefer the Default visibility options, so that any tweet forwarded to LinkedIn is intended for my professional contacts there. If you have any problems during this step, try enabling pop-ups, because the Allow/Deny Twitter access screen was a popup for me in Firefox.

Let us know how you plan to use this new LinkedIn feature!  Just starting to use this feature ourselves, we already recommend it to clients looking to streamline social media effectiveness.  For managers looking to quickly ‘hit’ all social media channels with one quarterly piece, see one great strategy from “The Publicity Hound.”


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