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I remember this day like it was yesterday… I’ve had a lot of life changes as of late and I’m really adulting as they say, like I mean really adulting (exhausting!) and I say to my mom in early January…’Mom, this is gonna be the best year of my life…I can feel it’.

Fast forward to March 16th, my birthday, which has been inevitably plagued with sickness, bad moods and ruined days (I’m not even a birthday person) was once again overshadowed. This time by something far bigger than we ever thought possible. I won’t say it because we all know it.

Fast forward once again to the mandatory quarantine and my doom and gloom that I would fail to help each and everyone of my clients and I wouldn’t be able to do enough for them when they themselves are struggling to make it work…Because

Fast forward yet again (I’m getting car sick) but this time to the present because…Well, we made it. We may have more gray hair, our hearts may ache more, you may have more toilet paper than you ever thought possible and maybe we’re still struggling in some capacity with grief and loss, but our businesses have survived. And while you’ve done most of the work for that to happen, we played a role in helping you reach your customers in the best way we know how – through SEO. And despite all my doom and gloom thoughts (holy moly, I was so anxious), SEO ended up being a big asset to organizations all across the globe. And according to marketing professionals, it’s here to stay in a big way.

Side bar: Is it just me or when a phrase like ‘marketing professionals’ is used, I just imagine a roundtable of people in dark suits with pens and paper. I’m not sure if there are any computers and they’re not smiling…oh and they’re in a corner office overlooking some city.

So with all this said, first let me thank you for letting me be a part of your COVID year! But also, let’s learn some stats on how SEO is the bees knees so to speak…Oh and pat yourself on the back because you were forward thinking enough to keep SEO in your budget!

Here’s what we’re seeing –

  • 63% of marketing professionals are saying that SEO will be inevitably crucial for businesses during this time
  • Google corroborates a rise in searches for SEO around the same time that the pandemic began – signaling that SEO = improvements in business
  • 66% of marketers report that SEO was a top performing marketing channel than the previous year (vs. paid search #2, email marketing #3 & content marketing #4)
  • 34% of businesses are wanting to increase investments in SEO in the near future

Statistics provided by conductor

SEO During A Pandemic

Content marketing –

Now is the time to update & communicate effectively with your customers. We can help you get the word out.

Review management –

Boy, is it the right time to be able to monitor and respond to reviews. I saw a review the other day from a guy who was complaining about a limited ‘COVID-19 menu’ for a restaurant. Bless his heart… So yes, we’re all a little testy & it’s good to be ready and able when it comes to feedback 😉

IT support –

Between Gmail having issues, site hosting bugs, you name it, the online world had its fair share of ‘shutdowns’ too. Oh, and remember all those breached Zoom meetings? When tech goes wrong, we are here to help. Whether it’s renewing your site’s hosting, keeping the site live, or even reporting issues on GMB, we can help!

Value proposition –

Meaning visiting old messages and revising them to be more sensitive to the here and now. We did a lot of this to make sure that your business remained thoughtful and aware of what the community was experiencing.

Social marketing –

What a quick and simple way for you to update your customers! Whether your cleaning procedures have changed or you just wanna share a picture of a really cute dog because the day just aint fair, send it our way!

Promotional assets –

Whether you’re offering discounts or you just wanna let folks know that you’re offering touchless services, just let us know and we’ll mock up the artwork.

There are so many ways in which you can use our services. Let us know how we can help! If you’re not a client of ours, holler at us because we have tons of ways in which we can help you.

Oh, and PS…While the phrase ‘best year’ doesn’t have the same enthusiasm like it did back in January, boy have I grown and learned so much from our experiences. We are very lucky to have one another and I’m sending lots of hugs and hope to those of you who need it most.

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