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Quick Social Media Post Ideas

social media marketingLike most businesses, your organization is listed on a multitude of social media channels and it’s hard to keep up! Let’s say you’re posting two to four times a week on behalf of your organization. That’s over 200 social media postings that you have to come up with per year! Not only do you have to commit to regularly posting on social media but you have to be creative! And it doesn’t just stop at creativity, you have to think about your audience and what it is they want to hear and see.

For Instagram, that is largely image based, it’s important to come up with quality images that people will ‘heart’, whereas Facebook, it is highly focused on video use and postings that your audience can relate to so it gets a ‘like’. The whole point of social media is to interact and be seen. So if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and out of creative posting options, regardless of the network, we’re here to help calm your fears.

Let’s get creative and see if we can’t help you spur up some social media postings of your own!

When you release a new product, a simple announcement on social media is the perfect way to get the word out there. Use a creative image and enticing verbiage to gain interest.

Come up with innovative ways in which customers can use the products you already sell! So let’s say you sell tires, consider posting ideas for how folks can re-purpose their tires into an amazing foot rest.

Image credit: Positive Med

Ask a simple question! Asking your social media following questions will help you increase engagement and visibility!

Re-post your customer’s photos! To use a tire dealer as an example again (because I personally work with them the most), you’re bound to get photos from your customers of their trucks looking amazing with that new lift kit and high-performance tires. Show the world your work and give them a shout out too. They’ll love it!

Just check out this picture our tire dealer received – perfect to re-post.

Image credit: Isaac M.

Business’ often get overwhelmed when it comes to videos! It doesn’t have to be a 2-minute production that costs you an arm and a leg. It could be a quick clip of something simple!

Post your machines in action, post video footage of employees having fun at work, or show some behind the scenes action. Whatever it is, make it creative and engaging.

Helpful articles are definitely a must with any business. You don’t want to talk about yourself 24/7 on social media, so why not give another organization a shout out while helping your customers. Win, win! For example, let’s say you own a business that does home loans, share a link that highlights renovation inspiration! There are so many DIY online sources – you’re bound to find some great ideas.

charitable post screenshotCharitable posts show how you give back and consumers LOVE that! We have a client who supports the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. We post multiple times a month on their behalf about new funding opportunities that are going on, or news about the latest Light the Night Walk charity event taking place.

These are just a few ways to get your creative juices flowing! Contact Upright Communications if your business needs help with a social media posting strategy! We’ve got plenty of folks who never seem to run out of ideas for our clients.