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Ten Ideas That Your Business Can Post About On Your Social Media Platforms

Running out of ideas to post on your social media? Been there, done that. Following a social media schedule certainly makes life easier in the moment; but, the time and thought that goes into brainstorming future posts can be creatively exhausting.

If you feel like you have exhausted all potential post ideas, here are ten (plus) ideas that may spark some creative juices.

National Holidays

National holidays are among the easiest posts to create and schedule in advance. You can encourage your followers to purchase a product or service as a gift for a given holiday or simply wish them a good day. Another step up would be to theme the post around both the holiday and your business. For example, if you are an owner of a bakery, you can promote the cookies you have made specifically for mothers on Mother’s Day. Way to take that extra step!

Seasonal Themed

This category can be very expansive when coming up with ideas. There are a lot of associations that society links to spring, summer, fall, and winter. For instance, summer is a time of road trips and vacations. Many businesses can find ways to promote themselves in this time of busy travels. Specifically, a tire dealer may wish their followers safe travels and to check their tires before embarking on a thousand mile road trip. The options are endless – just keep an open mind.


Events can be tricky to schedule due to inconsistencies in their occurrence. However, they tend to be easy to post in short notice. Most events have a flyer or invitation already made so it is simple to convert and upload that file onto a social media profile. Ta-da! Your work is complete!

Reviews, Testimonials, and/or Partners

Raw reviews and testimonials can be integral tools in raising a potential consumers call to action. Due to e-commerce, there has even been a greater shift in the importance of having reviews available digitally. Thanks Amazon – we love you though! Additionally, you can give some attention to partner companies by giving them dedicated posts on social media. They may take some time to give you a shout out as well! That’s definitely a dream team.

Information from Your Website or Blogs

Information pulled from a business’ website can aid in consistent brand messaging. It also makes it a breeze to plug in your website URL – let’s raise those organic website visits! Exploring other company blogs, that closely align with your brand messaging, can be a great way to learn more about the industry and can even create possible partnerships. Other business’ content can be like a breath of fresh air when it comes to topic ideas – just be careful not to steal their ideas verbatim.

Products and/or New Launches

Posting products is a great way to get your followers to go and visit your site. Additionally, new launch posts will raise more interest in the new products that your business has. If done tastefully, you will be sure to see your ROI roll in more quickly.

Random or Funny Things

Who doesn’t need a good laugh? That’s right, everyone does (at anytime). Break up your more “serious” posts by including a random or funny posts. Double points if you can relate it back to your business and brand messaging!

Company and Team Facts

Many business/consumer introductions are done online. It would be intuitive to include at least a few posts about your company or the wonderful team that keeps it running. This creates a more personable relationship between your business and its customers. A personal relationship builds customer loyalty.

Questions & Answers

People always have a lot of questions but not enough answers. Provide your followers with more information by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire post to this, try and reach out by replying to any questions left in the comment section or direct message inbox. Clarity is always appreciated.

Bigger Picture

This category is harder to grasp – as are most things that require a bigger picture view. The intent in this suggestion is to think about what your business is about – above the specific product or service you offer. Your followers will have a better understanding of what your company brand is and why you’re motivated to succeed. This is intended to create respect between you and your customers/followers.

As you can see, there are countless ideas that your business can utilize for your social media platforms. However, if you would like to entrust another person or business for this task, Upright Communications is an amazing choice! We work closely with our client’s business and brand messaging to ensure the posts align with their wishes. Contact us today!