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Approximately one-third of your website visitors will perform a web search, and those who search are twice as likely as non-searchers to convert. Why? There’s not much data on this — onsite search is somewhat neglected — but likely, those who search are intent on finding something ASAP. They are ready buyers or prospective clients who have no time to waste and are actively considering your business.

When it’s easy to search your website, then you will clinch these sales and boost revenue.

Top Onsite Search Tools


If your website runs on WordPress, as some half of all websites do, then SearchWP is a simple yet powerful plugin that searches your WordPress site. Unlike WordPress’s internal search, SearchWP returns results by relevance not date – which allows users to find the most precise point of information in their moment of need.

Google Custom Search Engine

Harness the power of Google for onsite search with a Google-backed custom search engine for your site. The Google product operates just like Google does and even lets you earn AdSense revenue.


Cloud-based search tool Swiftype offers robust search tools for public-facing content and internal sites, so your team members can always find the most relevant information. See for yourself with a free demo.

Stop losing out on conversions because your customers can’t find what they need using you navigation. Invest in an onsite search tool today and watch the ROI add up.

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