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The millennial generation has grown up and gone to work, assuming their place as the largest segment of potential buyers in today’s business to business marketplace.  AdAge reports that millennial influence is on the rise, according to a new study done by Google and research firm, Millward Brown Digital.

Millennial Influence Dominates B2B Buying

In 2012, millennials made up 27% of buyers, but today that number has grown to 46%. As the baby boomer generation transitions toward retirement, more millennials are emerging in the business community as key influencers, and bringing their buying preferences with them.    Google’s study of the digital behavior of people influencing b2b buying decisions revealed that 34% of purchasers used their mobile devices throughout every stage of the purchase, up from just 18% in 2012.

The impact of video revealed another growing trend. Of those researching business purchases in 2014, 70% used video across the purchase path, up from 46% in 2012.

As a business marketer, these statics provide you with the fast lane to future sales. Through responsiveness to trends in buying behavior, you stay in front of your audience.

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