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Meet Google+ Local (Google Places Is Dead)

UPDATE: MAY 30, 2012

Google announced in July 2011 that there would be one day be Google+ business profiles.  We didn’t know they’d look like THIS…


We here at Upright have been spending our after-hours tonight scouring through the new features of Google+ pages.  In our conversation we’re focused on the entirely new system of reviewing businesses on Google, using a 0-3 numerical scale.

When Google drop bombshells like this, we get to headscratching and re-strategizing!

Starting now, this blog will feature a series of helpful posts teaching business owners about the new Google+ pages, including:

  • how to create a Google+ page
  • how to make your Google+ page earn new business for your company
  • how to instruct customers to leave feedback on Google+

In the meantime, search for your own business in Google, ie. “Upright Communications Cincinnati OH”.  If you find a link to a Google+ page, click it to explore how your business is now marketed locally on Google.

Stay tuned!