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1,000,000 visitors are useless…if none becomes a sales lead.

So Upright designs sites for easy navigation, integrating keywords logically to provide the solution to each visitor.  We analyze visitor behaviors monthly to uncover areas of statistical difficulty.  And as weak spots are suspected, we utilize Google Website Optimizer and live usability tests.  (Notably, we code and design all buttons, images and text for layout alternatives.)

While doing this deep-level analysis, we also research new Usability Testing tools to see which could benefit our clients. One goal of our blog is to share new tools we discover… is a perfect supplement to Upright’s Usability Testing services
.  It provides a fast, inexpensive venue for testing website content with ‘typical’ visitors.  For only $29, gives customers:

1) recorded audio of a real-life web visitor, commenting while navigating your site.
2) Flash video of this tester’s mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes.
3) tester’s written report: likes, dislikes and recommendations.

Guaranteed results? has a 100% money-back promise that their pre-screened testers will provide helpful feedback.  The site is highly praised by CNN, Twitter’s co-founder, and

Bottom line: For immediate third-party analysis of new web pages and online paid ads, visit As in all cases, Upright is available for consulting and design of test pages for UserTesting experiments.

(Upright Communications has no affiliation with  Not customers ourselves, we trust their credibility through others’ positive experiences.  Share with us success achieved with UserTesting!)


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