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Leveraging digital marketing is essential to a well-rounded marketing mix. It can be the hub, or central point, for communications to track results and engage with your customers. However, the nearly limitless potential digital marketing can offer is not easy to capitalize, even for people that do this work full time (like me!). It’s undeniably important you choose a partner that is 100% committed to this marketing channel. To help you in your search I have put together three questions that will help you find a good digital marketing partner.

Do they start with a strategy?

You may find agencies and web developers are doing only what you tell them. Odds are you have an idea of what you want and will tell the agency this. The most skilled agencies will listen to what you want, but insist on developing a clear cut strategy with a guided action list. At Upright, we start with an affordable strategy development program before you have to commit a lot of money for your dream website and marketing plan. This will let you see the intelligence of the agency as they share knowledge and insights to make your wish list a reality. In the process you get to learn how the agency works and if they’ll be a good fit before you sign some huge contract. Also, after the strategy is developed you can take that same strategy and shop around. The best agencies want your success before their own.

Do they have clients that have been with them for years? Can you contact one of them?

This is a classic test for any business partner. Can they prove commitment to others and do others commit to them? The agency you work with should have clients that have been with them for more than a few years. You should ask for references during this stage and hear what their clients say. You are going to be committing thousands of dollars to the agency over time and you need that investment to feel safe.

Do they want to share detailed reports and meet with you at least once a month?

To have a successful digital strategy you need to treat digital marketing like every other part of your business. This means regular meetings, having the agency involved with key members of your staff, and having detailed reports. You wouldn’t go one month and not ask a department head for some update, would you? Just because you’re outsourcing this function in your company does not mean you should treat it like it’s in a silo. That will severely hinder your long term success.

There are certainly more questions to ask a digital marketing agency, but these three should set you on the path to long term success. Learn how we can help you by scheduling a 15-minute phone call with one of our marketing strategists.