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New Sales = Fast Lead Follow-up

The number one New Years Resolution for many business-to-business companies is to generate more qualified leads for their sales teams. Id like to add a second part to that resolution: follow-up fast with the leads that you receive.

There was a great post recently on Bryan Eisenbergs blog, GrokDotCom, which detailed the poor state of lead follow-up that marketers have. In fact, in a survey conducted by Omniture and they set up aliases, such as, and completed the lead or request information form of 700 different companies, several different times. Then kept track of their lead response and nurturing strategies and found:

  • Average email response time: 19 hours, 31 minutes
    *Optimum response time should be within the first hour
  • Average phone response time: 36 hours, 57 minutes
    *Optimum phone response time should be within the first five minutes
  • How many companies even responded?
    *Only 47.3 percent responded via email, and just 7.5 percent responded via phone!

Web-generated leads decrease effectiveness by over 6x in the first hour according to

Fast lead follow-up equals more sales. Make a resolution to respond to web inquiries (phone and e-mail) right away. Here is a link to Bryan’s complete blog post for additional lead generation tips and strategies: