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To me, the point of an internship is to grow in a professional capacity as well as grow personally; to learn and expand your knowledge, gain experience, network, and prepare you for a full-time position. At Upright, I was able to do all of these things and more.

Being an intern at Upright Communications has been nothing short of awesome. My journey with Upright began in September 2017 (along with my final year of undergrad, thank goodness). I’ve had internships in the past but none of them helped me grow the way Upright did. I was never just a data jockey, I was not micromanaged, and there was always a variety of tasks I was asked to complete. I felt like I was given responsibility but also direction and if any time I needed help I never felt afraid to ask.

I was also given many opportunities. On my very first day, I was set-up with not only the necessary accounts and passwords I needed for Upright and our clients, but I was also set up with Hubspot Academy, Codecademy, and Google Analytic course accounts. This was to ensure that even when I wasn’t busy I was growing and becoming a more well-rounded marketer. These courses not only help me do my job better, but they are going to help me increase my worth as I search for jobs in the hopes to further my career.

Through working at Upright I have gained experience in pretty much every aspect of marketing. From SEO, to design work and graphic creation, website production, social media marketing, content creation, and so much more. Along with new skills, I gained many mentors. Each member of the Upright team gave me guidance and advice, as I navigated my way through the digital marketing realm. When I did something wrong I was never made to feel like a fool, but rather was given constructive criticism and told how to improve. Thank you, Greg, Bart, Jenn, Colleen, Tyler, Eric, Erin, Keely, (Jacob and RJ too) for being my teachers and marketing gurus for the past 10 months!

I may have forgotten to mention I am a recent college grad. For many of my fellow graduates they had a finite number of days at their internship, I, on the other hand, am lucky that while on my quest for a full-time job, my Upright family is keeping me around to grow and learn until I find one. (hopefully, that will be sooner than later, sorry Greg.)

In the words of Roy T. Bennett, “Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience…” and I couldn’t be more thankful for my experience with Upright!

-Hannah French

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