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Hi again, hope you’re enjoying the Upright Communications blog and the intern posts! Only a few weeks later and I’ve got a bunch to update you guys on. I cannot believe we are already nine weeks into the semester and internship. Boy is the fall busy!

The Upright team has done a wonderful job including me on new tasks and finding ways for me to contribute towards overall company efforts. I’ve enjoyed getting better at weekly and daily tasks but still enjoy the learning curve that comes with each new project.

Social media is a crucial strategy for SEO and social/blog schedules have been a significant portion of my internship experience. Writing social posts might sound like a tedious task, these schedules are a solid opportunity to learn more about the client as well as industry. I’ve successfully built blog schedules from scratch, starting with keyword research and going from there. We perform keyword research to gain insights as to what people are searching for and what questions they have about the industry. It doesn’t hurt to mention that in my personal and academic life I am a huge “planner”, so you could say I really enjoy this task.

Along the lines of content, I have been able to work on creative projects here at Upright. Have you ever been to a website and seen a “Download our Free Ebook” button? (They look almost like digital brochures or handouts.) I’ve had the opportunity to create a couple of these Ebooks from scratch! While I don’t have any design background, it has still been exciting to work on a design-oriented project, working from nothing, and finishing with a polished end product.

As you’ve probably heard, “content is king,” and this is something we live by when it comes to SEO and digital strategy. While I’ve written dozens of blog posts across various industries and topics, another part of my job is providing blog inspiration. By this, I create relevant, interesting blog topics and provide inspiration for the post as well. So when it comes time to write blog content, the inspiration/resources are already provided.

Finally, another fun project I’ve been working on lately is building out pages for a client that is wanting to list new products and services on their website. I’m responsible for finding appropriate images, writing unique and accurate content, creating metadata for the corresponding pages, and finally uploading through WordPress.

Since my last entry post, I’m excited to say that I am still learning new tasks and skills each week. I’m excited to see what the last few weeks have in store! Thank you so much, Upright, for your continued patience, effort with coordinating new tasks, and for taking the time to invest so much time into me!

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