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Upright Communications Internship | Weeks 1-4 | Entry 2

It has officially been four weeks at Upright Communications, and it’s safe to say that I have been busy! Whether it’s scheduling social media posts, writing blog articles, or conducting keyword research, I have been getting my hands on a ton of work and learning a bunch along the way.

I have worked with several digital marketing platforms and tools including Hootsuite, SEMrush, MailChimp, and Google My Business (GMB). I’ve learned how to schedule social media posts in Hootsuite, organize and create email campaigns in MailChimp, manage local listings on GMB, and create landing pages for clients. And this is just the beginning!

Gaining internship experience in Digital Marketing has been a wonderful opportunity for a college student, like me. The industry is constantly changing and there’s always more to learn, so I’m kept on my toes. Additionally, it is a field that anyone can enter into as long as they are curious, have the right attitude, and willing to learn.

My favorite part about the Upright internship is the fact that I feel like an actual Account Manager. I enjoy picking up new roles and responsibilities each week, touching different parts of digital marketing, and overall expanding my digital marketing knowledge. Each week I am excited to see what projects are thrown at me and how I am going to tackle the week’s obstacles.

Overall, I have enjoyed getting to know the Upright team, learning about client-related industries, and picking up various tasks day-to-day. I’m looking forward to designing Ebooks, putting together a promotion schedule, reviewing site audits, and much more.

I am so appreciative of the Upright Team’s patience, willingness, and grace with onboarding me onto the team. Thank you all for your support and care!

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