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Top 4 Important Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

working-with-laptopInternet marketing strategies aren’t something that should be avoided or put aside during the complete overview of the business. It may be overwhelming deciding which internet marking strategies to add but we’ve put together our top four most important strategies for small business owners.

Top four most important strategies for small business owners:

1. Claim your business listing on Google My Business. Google is the most popular search engine and the most important real estate in the local listing world. Make sure your business listing is optimized with business details, photos, post updates, messaging and more. Claiming a listing on Google is our account managers first step and it should be yours as well!

2. Email marketing is a wonderful way to build relationships with customers. Sending our monthly email newsletters to loyal customers is a great way to update them on new products, sales, or just let them know how much you appreciate their business.

3. Coupons are awesome and customers love them! As a consumer, how awesome does it feel to use an internet only coupon? Pretty awesome. Add a coupon on your site that is only found on your website. It will draw more traffic to your site and it will make customers extra happy.

4. Work on gaining and managing reviews! Reviews are so important in this day in age and the importance is only going to increase. Did you know, people trust reviews on a business and will make a judgment call about a business simply by reading reviews? Gain as many positive reviews as you can. Respond to all reviews (yes, even the negative ones). We can’t say it enough… REVIEWS are important!

Small businesses are so important to communities and we want your local business to strive! Don’t get overwhelmed by all the internet marketing strategies that are posted on the web, just focus on the core important four that we recommended. Embrace these four internet marketing tips and then take on other strategies such as paid advertising, social media, hosting webinars and more.

Upright Communications can help your small business perform and dominate in your local space. Let us know if you’d like a 15-minute phone call or an internet marketing evaluation.