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In Loving and Grateful Memory of Our Friend, Diana Hadden

Diana Hadden

In recent weeks the Upright team had to say a difficult good-bye to our friend and work family member, Diana Hadden. After a three year battle with cancer, she passed away on April 26, 2022

Diana joined Upright Communications on Monday, September 10th, 2018. Many on our team already knew her from working with her through a client. 

To say Diana was a dependable and talented professional only reveals a small part of her relationship with us. Through her dedication and abilities, she brought confidence and energy to our group.

Looking back now, what was remarkable was the impact of her presence and personality. From the beginning, she graced her co-workers and clients with a joyful blend of humor, positivity, and encouragement.

She always asked how you were doing and about your family members. She thoughtfully listened and remembered what you said. Even when she had the heavy burden of illness upon her, Diana knew how to make others feel cared for and appreciated. Though we all wish time would have allowed us to have her in our lives longer, we feel so blessed and grateful to have known her.

As we all shared our thoughts upon the news of her passing, the memories and reflections were amazing. It was clear that she had a truly inspiring influence on our Upright family. What an extraordinary soul to have made us all feel so special.

We will carry your inspiration and our memories with us always, Diana.