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You know your content pages need keywords to get found in search….but you also know those pages need to be readable for a human audience, and not just machines. So how do you satisfy both audiences with keyword content pages that balance SEO-rich content with readability?

Choose Keywords Wisely

Start with one to two keyword per page — there is no good way to target more terms than that in a single page. As you add pages to your site, you can broaden the range of keywords you target for greater effect.

Use Keywords Strategically

You will get the biggest bang for your buck if you use keywords in the most important places, rather than sprinkling them through your webpage as if they’re seasoning salt. The most important locations for keywords from an SEO perspective are in the URLs, image alt text and image titles, headers, descriptions, and titles. By using the same keyword across these places and putting a few mentions in the text, you will easily create keyword rich pages.


These ideas won’t help you rank highly if you engage in the sort of bad behavior that will get your site penalized by search engines. Never try to hide keywords on a page by changing the text color to match the page background, stuff keywords in the footer, or force keywords where they would not naturally belong (i.e. don’t write poor content to fit keywords). These habits will lower your search ranking, sabotaging every good effort you’ve made.
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