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For years, SEO enthusiasts have been trying to understand if there was a SEO value of having keywords in your domain URL. Despite this being up for debate, it’s certainly clear that a page’s URL can fill a number of important roles. Just think, when you search for something in Google, they show you the domain URL to help you better understand what the page or article is about. Check out these search results for a skincare blog we follow – the readability of a link is crucial. Why else would they show the domain name?

Keywords In Domain


However, just because domain URLs with keywords allow for better readability, does it actually help websites rank better? We may get to know the answer thanks to Higher Visibility’s latest study where they examined 10 major vertical markets to see just how these websites are utilizing keywords in their URLs.

Be sure to check out their exact study for more in-depth evaluations, but because we know your time is precious, we’d thought we would give you the results from the study sooner rather than later. It was said that well-recognized brands (i.e. health information websites or major credit cards) have less of a need to rely on URL keyword optimization than smaller sites seeking to compete. However, overall the correct selection of keywords for your webpage URLs is a crucial part of tailoring your site for success – both for search engines and users.

Now, how do you know which keywords to use in your URLs? Upright Communications uses SEMRushGoogle Keyword Planner & other SEO tools to analyze the top page results & keywords for each industry. Do your research to see who your competitors are and how hard you need to work for the long-term payoff.

Want us to help you and your business? Contact Upright Communications and we’d be more than happy to help your website become your best salesman!

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