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A star rating scale, often out of five stars, is a quick way for customers to review a business’ product/service and/or their overall experience. Although this feature can give other potential buyers an idea of other buyers’ thoughts, without the presence of text to accompany the rating, it is difficult to conclude how accurate the rating is. This is where written/typed reviews come in to add clarity – a fusion of both is ideal. It may be scary to give your customers this much power over your business’ reputation; however, it is crucial to facilitating a relationship with your customers.

According to a study by Womply, businesses that have multiple platforms or listings on sites that allow for customer reviews may find themselves bringing in more revenue. These digital platforms give businesses the opportunity to respond to praises as well as concerns that come from customers. Reputation management is extremely important to the continual success of a business so don’t neglect it.

Claim Your Business

With sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau, you have the ability to claim your business in order for customers to review your services. Womply’s study found that businesses that chose not to claim their business averaged $72,000 less in annual revenue. This is substantial – especially if you’re starting out! Don’t miss out on more profit by not claiming your business.

Respond to Reviews

It has become well-known that consumers are more inclined to purchase products or services that provide customer reviews. This is a way to give them additional research before making that monetary plunge. When potential customers come across a negative review, you have the opportunity to mitigate a negative response by responding to it. If your reply is deemed legitimate by potential customers, they will not take the bad review with as much weight.

Don’t Pay Too Much Mind to Your Star Rating

When compared to your review count, star ratings are not as impactful. In fact, businesses with a star rating between 3.5 to 4.5 stars will often earn more than those with ratings that are higher or lower. Don’t get bogged down by the number beside your star rating. Instead, you should be working on addressing consistent customer concerns and responding with superb customer service.

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

The number of reviews you have attached to your business combats the average star rating. In the Womply study, it was found that businesses with more than the average number of reviews bring in 82% more annual revenue than those below the average. Claiming your business on a variety of sites is a great way to give customers a variety of options to post their thoughts on. Another way is to remind customers to leave reviews when they are in store or digitally through social media. For example, you could highlight past reviews on your social media as a subtle reminder that leaving a review is always an option.

These are quick and simple ways to improve your business’ reputation management. When done effectively, you may see higher revenue. If you are unsure or unable to integrate these tips, contact Upright Communications. We are more than happy to take over your reputation management. Contact us today!


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