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How to Create Quality Website Content for a Small Business

“Content is King”, a cliché that every business owner has been told by someone in a marketing department. All clichés are based in at least some reality and even though “Content is King” is an oversimplification, it is based in truth. In order for a small or medium business to compete with big box stores and large corporations, they need quality content on their website and social media platforms. It is simple to discuss quality content, but it is one of the trickiest things to accomplish. Below is a list of helpful tips to create quality and useful content for your small or medium business.

Stop Guessing; Use Statistics to Write Content:

Too many businesses write content on their websites, blogs, and social media platforms with little to no research; which results in content that is never read by potential customers. To write quality content you must understand your customers and how they behave online. Tools such as SEMrush and Google Analytics will show you what pages on your website customers are visiting and what they are searching for on search engines. Once you understand what potential customers type into Google and what pages on your site they respond to, you will be more equipped to write valuable content for your company.

Quality Website Content for a Small Business


A screenshot of the keyword “Coffee Shops” typed into SEMrush. This shows how the term is trending online and the level of competition for this particular phrase.

Get a Second Opinion:

When writing content to boost your online presence, make sure to check your pride at the door. It is a rare gift to be a natural copy writer, so you should always get 1-2 people within your company to thoroughly read through your content before posting it. Have the extra sets of eyes give unbiased notes and suggestions so that you are confident in your content before you post it online for the whole world to see.

Never Stop Writing:

“Consistent Content is King” should be the new cliché; with updates to the Google Search Algorithm changing all the time, it is critical that business post original and useful content consistently if they want to compete with the juggernauts of their industries. Social media and blogs have changed websites from static pages on the internet into living, breathing entities that have drastically helped the small and medium sized businesses that have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity. There is no denying that the act of developing quality content becomes a lot of work, but too many businesses are being left behind and will soon not be able to catch up to their competitors.

There are plenty more tips and suggestions that will help you in developing quality content to enhance your online presence, so if you have any questions about increasing your leads through online content feel free to contact us today or subscribe to our Local Marketing Blog.