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It’s not often that we like to brag on ourselves, or even share customer success stories, but this one is really pretty cool!

Upright met Southern Tank in August of 2007.  Southern Tank is a custom steel tank manufacturing company based in Owensboro, Kentucky.  They had always considered themselves a “regional” company  because, as Vice President and General Manager Phil Higdon once said “who is going to want to ship these big, heavy things around the country?”  As evidence of this limitation, it was noted at that time that Southern Tank had only sold and shipped into 9 states in the Midwest and the South.

Southern Tank did have a web presence but were only getting around 250 visits a month and very little in the way of solid leads from those visits.  They asked Upright to build them a new website that would better represent them as a company and drive more qualified traffic to their quote department.  Little did we know we would unleash the “Power of the Internet” upon the world!  Mhmwahhh…haaa…haaa!

It started out simply enough.  We designed a new website that highlighted their key products and offered opportunities for visitors to easily make contact with them to inquire about pricing, specifications and capabilities.  We optimized the site by removing the structural barriers that kept the top search engines from properly indexing the site, and we altered the site’s architecture, code and content to include all elements necessary to convince the search engines that the site was worthy of high rankings.

Fast forward to June of 2014; Southern Tank has now sold and shipped products into all 50 states (South Dakota was the last to come on board) and is averaging almost 3,500 visits per month to their website.  Said Phil Higdon (who actually looks nothing like Mike Myers alter ego by the way) “…for our fiscal year beginning November 1, 2013, internet sales from new and repeat customers has accounted for more than 28% of our incoming sales through today’s date.  Good job, guys…seriously, really good job!!”

It would be pretty hard to actually ship new tanks from Owensboro KY to every country on the planet, but give us a little time and we might just conquer the world together!

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